When Amateurs Run the Country

By: Jim Byrd

Can Barack Obama turn around an economy that is incarcerated within the throes of his policies? Can he reverse the double digit unemployment he created? The answer depends on whether or not Obama and his cabinet, both devoid of any valuable private-sector experience, can accomplish the improbable by using failed ideology rather than logic, experience, and time proven methods. Less than ten percent of Obama’s 432 member cabinet have ever created, operated, fired, hired, dealt with cyclical economies, filed corporate taxes, or had to deal with the oppressive governmental red tape–which these very bureaucrats create–while operating a business.

Almost all of Obama’s 432 cabinet members will claim private sector experience, but a dabbling here and there 15 or 30 years ago at some private sector job before settling into a career in the public sector funded by taxpayer’s money, or being employed as an attorney or academic hardly qualifies as a captain of any industry. Just being part of the private sector is not reason enough to be appointed to a position of creating policy on national issues regarding industry. Not only are Obama and his cabinet devoid of private sector experience, they are woefully lacking private-sector success. That is the difference between qualifying for a position and being appointed because of your ideology.

The National Football League has a system of fielding only the elite of the elite on the gridiron. In the province of football, an athlete is generally an accomplished football player during high school, then noticed and offered a football scholarship to a university, then if the football player continues to be an accomplished stand-out in college, said football player will be drafted by the NFL, thus reaching the pinnacle of their athletic journey.

Barack Obama and his cabinet would be the equivalent of a NFL team drafting high school students, with no athletic experience, then fielding that team against a NFL team. With Obama playing the quarterback, that is the equivalent of what the United States is being subjected to, except the NFL team consisting of inexperienced high school students, quite possibly, would possess a better win-loss ratio.

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