Don’t Tell Us What About the Future War Plan for Afghanistan; Show Us

By: Lance Winslow

The President of United States of America, Barack Obama, has announced new war plans for Afghanistan? As if we are going to go in an entirely different direction. What is interesting is that the American people just want results, the results which were promised. We don’t need to hear about some new plan, our military must remain agile and adjust the war effort to whatever must be done.

Announcing new plans is essentially alerting your enemy as to what we will be doing in the future – that seems like a rather unfortunate choice of options. But that’s not the only problem with this administration and the war in Afghanistan. You see, there seems to be a gap in believability of what President Obama reads from the teleprompter, and what he actually does. This is because he has not kept any of his pre-election promises, or successfully completed anything he has started. [if this bothers you, call it my personal opinion].

Unfortunately, our young and naive President is simply not credible anymore, not that he ever was, but at least the media had everyone believing it, but now, no one [consider his ever sinking poll numbers] believes anything he reads on that little teleprompter device, I for one sure as heck don’t. Since President Obama is no longer credible, believable, or can be taken for his word he is now completely ineffectual, and must be replaced.

Since Obama promises that he cares about the American people and this great nation, he should immediately re-sign in good faith, admit that he is in over his head, and that he is unfit to lead. Then he should quietly walk away, go back to Chicago and be quiet. It takes a strong man with a lot of courage to do that, but he must look in the mirror, ditch his ego, and come clean for all Americans. That would be the right and noble thing to do, and then perhaps he would deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

My question is does Barack Obama have the personal character, honesty, and integrity to resign from the office because he is unfit to lead? That is my question, and I’m not interested in listening to anymore of his plans, just resign and show me.

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