Save The Seals

By: William P. Frasca

Everyday we hear and see more and more atrocities committed not by a foreign enemy but from the Socialists coo coo birds who are trying with all their power to run our beloved Country of The United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave without any moral conscience or decency into the ground.

Recently, our gallant, brave heroes, of the United Sates Navy Seals, who proudly serve unselfishly in the name of this great Country, have once again did an excellent job in finding, capturing and imprisoning another ruthless terrorist to justice. They are an elite military commando unit.

They secretly captured one of the most wanted terrorist in Iraq. His name is Ahmed Abed. He was considered the main architect and responsible for the 2004 brutal murders and mutilation of four Blackwater security guards in Fallujah. The Insurgents, by his leadership, ambushed, killed them, dragged their bodies through the city and then burnt their corpses.

They left their motionless unrecognizable charred carcasses hanging from the Euphrates Bridge, with the elated amusement and cheers from the crowd that enjoyed and took pleasure in viewing this inhuman savage spectacle.

These unbelievable, sensational Navy Seals should be highly commended by giving them a medal of honor and a ticker tape parade, through the canyon of heroes, in New York City’s lower Broadway and the Financial District. Instead of glorifying their courageousness, pertaining to their brilliant tracking, planning and remarkable apprehension of this cruel, callous maggot, rabid animal, they are faced with a reprimand. They have been allegedly accused by this cockroach of administering him physical abuse.

The sailors, standing up for their honor, chose not to accept this reprimand, which would have remained in their jacket, decided to fight these false charges in a military court. This appeal could impose a much stiffer punishment if found guilty, with the possibility of a Court Martial.

Any individual with the minimum degree of intelligence must ask, why? He was turned over to Iraqi authorities; after the apprehension, there he made an allegation and complaint against the Seals punching him. He was then later returned to American custody, in which the Iraqis notified investigators of his grievance.

The United States Central Command, without any provocation and justification, immediately administered the Seals an unwarranted slap on the wrist, by mistakenly accepting the word and siding with this piece of garbage, ignoring all logical sensibility of undermining our security and defenses in a time of War.

We as American citizens should find these obnoxious, foul offensive attacks against our valiant bold military insulting. They represent and defended us from each and every violent aggressions, throughout the world, and every time they are unjustly criticized, chastised or humiliated for performing their assigned dangerous tasks diligently, professionally, and heroically, it offends us all as a Nation.

They are presently investigating the motives of the C.I.A. eagerly ready to convict, prosecute and imprison them while doing an excellent unselfish job interrogating brutal prisoner terrorists. They obtained essential pertinent information that saved American lives and potential devastation.

The Socialist Democrats, lead by our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one” granted the 911 terrorists full rights and privileges as any American citizen according to the United States Constitution in a court of law. These are known assassins, not American citizens, who inflicted mass murder, great pain and destruction of innocent people and this Administration is worried about offending their unsanctioned, undeserved, rights.

Now they are persecuting our military personal, by stating they are already guilty and must prove their innocence. Where are their Constitutional rights? Why aren’t they given the same courtesy and respect the Socialists are given to these savage despicable barbarians? Why are they so willing to place our guardians of freedom against the wall, defending all their necessary wartime essential actions?

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