Diplomacy, Politics, and Presidential Administrations Discussed

By: Lance Winslow

Presidents always make lots of pre-election promises to us. For instance our current leader promised that he knew how to deal with foreign governments, and that the Bush Administration had put the United States in more danger, due to the so-called unilateral decisions to go into Iraq, without all of the world’s consent. Barrack promised us that the Obama Administration would put America on the path to peace and prosperity the world over. In fact, some of his speeches were so eloquent – I wish you would have had a video tape to watch them now. Why you ask? Let me explain.

Nearly everything that the Obama Administration’s foreign-policy actions have done, have made the United States look weak and vulnerable, and our enemies are ready to test us and attack. You may not know this but the Revolutionary Guard is now running Iranian Naval Forces in the Straits of Hormuz. And the Iranian President is on a whirlwind tour gathering allies and increasing ties with Russia, China, Brazil, Venezuela, and now Bolivia, thus, also propping up anti-US ALBA in Latin America.

This is a clear indication that any economic sanctions are nothing more than a joke, because Iran has plenty of trading partners that are willing to look the other way. Indeed, all that President Obama has done is allowed Iran to further enrich more uranium to make nuclear bombs. President Obama’s softer tone has been met with complete disregard and disrespect in his ability as a leader, and they are laughing at him as we speak.

Meanwhile, the so-called negotiations in Iran over nuclear enrichment have completely failed. Iran announces yet, another political rhetoric claim that it will build 10-nuclear power plants and set up enrichment facilities throughout the region and their Republic. Additionally, as we push closer to war, Israel wants no less than 25 of the new F-35 Stealthy fighter planes, obviously to attack Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities, as in plural, (note; ies).

The reality is Israel has no choice, because Iran has already promised to blow Israel off the map, and all it has to do is give nuclear weapons to one of the terrorist organizations it sponsors to the tune of $100 million a year such as; Hezbollah or Hamas. And as all this conflict comes closer and closer to a head we have a massive arms buildup in the Middle East, and we have economic chaos in the UAE in Dubai, civil unrest in Pakistan, and our hands supposedly full in Afghanistan?

And when we look at President Obama’s foreign relations, one can only be underwhelmed by this young naive president, who seems to be clearly out of his league, in my professional and personal opinion. Especially as we watch Obama get upstaged by Hugo Chavez in an ALBA meeting when he hands him a book of socialist propaganda written by the historical Latin American Simon Bolivar, and in case you know the history of that, well, it was a huge statement.

In China, President Obama was allowed to give a speech on human rights to a group of university students, in a small gymnasium, a speech which was not televised in China, and in which the TV cameras used, were quite poor in quality. Then he was dressed up in a Mao costume along with the other diplomats, on a stage for all the Chinese to see. One critic recently stated; “Wow, President Obama, you sure know a lot about international politics don’t you?”

And whether you are an Obama supporter or not, all this sure brings up some serious questions such as; Has President Obama has caused a worsening of anti-American media world-wide sentiment and he is now endangering the US? Has his naive pre-election rhetoric has been displayed on the public world stage? Is he being up-staged, and giving away American sovereignty to all sorts of World Organizations run by Machiavellian anti-US folks that want the United States’ wealth, power, and glory for themselves by stealing it? Is he heading and leading the US into a trap? Time will tell, meanwhile his critics seem to be growing in numbers while his job approval ratings go into a free fall, well below 50% now.

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