The Great American Hoaxer

By: Guest Authors

Charges are heating up, but temperatures aren’t—Al Gore may replace Orson Welles as America’s Greatest Hoaxer.

By William Lavelle

The words, “We interrupt this broadcast,” followed by dramatic accounts of Martians invading America, were heard by 6 million radio listeners one infamous Halloween night in 1938. Millions of panic-stricken Americans, first relieved then furious, found out they’d been hoaxed. They had just heard the radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells, produced and narrated by Orson Welles. Accounts of the hoax’s impact and motivation vary widely, but all agree the broadcast launched Orson Welles into infamy as America’s Greatest Hoaxer – a title that is now in jeopardy from a much bigger hoaxer: Al Gore, the front-man for the global warming hoax.

Orson Welles’s hoax lasted 60 minutes, and if “Climate-Gate“ charges are true, Al Gore’s hoax will have lasted 17 years and panicked billions more Americans and people from every nation in the world. The similarities between these hoaxes are many; some coincidental, and some frightening. Thankfully, for the purposes of this article, all are entertaining. Let’s look at just a couple.

We know Orson Welles‘s motivation for the War of the Worlds hoax was fame. If you have seen Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, especially the section devoted to Gore’s thwarted presidential hopes, you can deduce both men and were motivated by the pursuit of fame; yet, in an ironic twist, both may only be remembered in infamy.

Next and more importantly, the Martian and Climate hoax front-men have publicly supported socialist policies. Conspiracy theorists believe Orson Welles’s broadcast was much more than a publicity stunt. They believe it was a dry run of an opening salvo for a plan to takeover America, spearheaded by the American communist Party, and sponsored by Joseph Stalin himself.

Many Americans are unaware of how strong the Communists movement was in 1938 America; their power had reached its apex and was only stalled by the start of World War II that very same year: 1938. Al Gore was born 10 years after Welles’s hoax, and has a vast public record of support for socialist beliefs. Many of the solutions proposed for global warming are suspiciously in line with communist doctrine. Could Al Gore’s climate hoax be the second attempt at a communist takeover of America?

Many of the conditions that existed in 1938 America exist today: a resurgence of socialism, a deep recession, a fear of foreign entanglements. A famous person once said, “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” After missing their chance in 1938, the World’s communists will not let another opportunity slip away. Years from now, our kids will learn about the global warming hoax and America’s Greatest Hoaxer: Al Gore, much the same way Baby Boomers learned about Orson Welles’s, The War of the Worlds, Martian invasion hoax–as a entertaining story and lesson on the responsibility free people have to stay educated and informed to avoid falling for the next great American hoax.


December 5, 2009

William Lavelle


Author of, Carbon Zero, and the children’s book series, Snowball and Blowhole, William Lavelle’s passion is delivering children, “another opinion,” on global warming and its causes.

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