Duct Tape Economics

By: Neil Braithwaite

Remember last fall when you used some duct tape to “repair” the flashing on your chimney instead of calling a professional roofer. You don’t? How about noticing the stains on the ceiling and the water running down the wall above the fireplace while you were watching the big game. Oh yes — now you remember.

After President Obama assured America he had assembled the best and brightest economic team to repair the economy, he proceeded to hand out the duct tape.

All those cash for “whatever” programs, bailouts, borrowing and spending made the economy look like grandpa’s old recliner in the basement that no one has the heart to throw out.

With all of Obama’s rolls of duct tape now empty, Americans are beginning to see quite a few stains and leaks. Oh yes — now we remember.

Unfortunately for America, Obama’s duct tape economic policy has given way to father time. The glue has dried and the duct tape is beginning to peel off. America will now have to call on professionals to not only make the initial repairs, but also repair the damage that has been done as a result of Obama’s duct tape fix.

The economic repair specialists are now being interviewed and considered, and the decision on their hiring will be made in early November 2010.

Be sure to cast your vote!

UPDATE: Repairs may be worse than originally thought — it looks like Obama just found another roll of duct tape.

Neil Braithwaite is a Real Estate Broker and writer in Charlotte, NC. He writes political commentary and satire and is a regular contributor to PoliticalDerby.com.

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