Tolerance And Remembrance

By: William P. Frasca

The holiday season has finally arrived bringing a collage of colorful decorations and symbols from all sectarian religious organizations. This should be the most happiest and joyous part of the year, not only because it enhances the sacred beliefs of a particular or selected theological ministry, on the contrary, because this elated time escalates brotherly love, happiness, generosity, family, friends and the simplistic reflections of life itself. All those who wish to celebrate are welcomed. No additional fees or taxes are forcefully applied, demanded or collected. No special degrees of initiations are placed on any one individual or group who wishes to participate.

This also includes all denominations of worship, even the atheist. No one is denied or rejected, because the approval comes within one’s inner self. The same choice goes for each and every person who has a negative or opposite reaction to this harmonious period. No one is strong armed into submission to participate.

This season of celebratory jovial time comes and goes so quickly. We eagerly wait with high exciting anticipation of blissful memorable events with loving family and very special friends. It is a delightful period full of happiness but for some, regrettable sadness. No matter what we feel personally, it is a special occasion for reflecting on life itself, consecrating and being thankful for all the important precious personal affections, achievements, food, shelter and clothing. It’s also a time of unlimited charity, hope, and kindness.

It’s an exceptional period where we must respectably honor, as we should always, those who defend our great Country of the United States of America. All those, who preserve our dear priceless freedoms, every day, throughout the world by wishing them love, admiration, support and our thoughts, during this all important Christmas season. That shares the festive Holiday spotlight with multiple religious and non-religious cultures, congregations and organizations including the celebrations of Chanukah and Quanza.

This sincere acknowledgement must be extended with all our hearts, by never forgetting our brave men and women serving in each and every branch of the United States Military, including all Civilian Personnel, our Loyal Allies, and their Families. Thanking each and every one of them, no matter where they are stationed, at home or abroad, for their unselfish valor and perseverance.

These gallant individuals liberally protect each and every single American. Their courageousness in hazardous life threatening situations is given freely without total regard for their self-preservation. Unselfishly and without question their infinite acts of bravery are wholeheartedly administered to protect us against all evil, wishing to devourer our existence. This includes protecting our exclusive preferences of religious worship, without prejudice. Their audacious, noble, heroic unending affection for America and its entire people must be totally appreciated. We must never develop a case of amnesia, no mater how slight on remembering the tremendous sacrifices, of all our veterans.

Let us all pray that Almighty God will protect them and their loving families always, and may each and every one of them come home safe and sound. These guardians of independence must always have the confidence and strength that America’s devotion, trust, and loyalty are always with them. These heroic champions of liberty must never be deserted. Stand Tall with Them America and May God Bless Us All!

If any part of my written words or offerings, of good tidings, offends anyone, tough, get over it. I am a proud American citizen, extending a simple message of good will and happiness. I will not be stymied by selfish, cowards, of narrow minded ignorance. Tolerance of religions, cultures and traditions are not a one way street. This is my own personal message and belief, which I am not imposing on anyone. You have the right and privilege to accept or reject it, but I also have the right to say and express it.

As the end of the year approaches, and your patriotic batteries needs recharging, acquire a copy of the United States Constitution. Read every word, article, paragraph and amendment with sincere reverence. When finished, give it a big kiss and Thank God every day, with every precious breath, that you are blessed, with the privilege, of living in our beloved Country of the United States of America.

So, in conclusion, I wish all, a Very Merry, Blessed Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous New Year.

May Good Lord Bless and Protect America Always.

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