What We Stand For – and What To Do About It

By: Eddie Clements

Democrats have complained repeatedly – mantra-like – of the lack of cooperation by the GOP, characterized as “the Party of ‘no’”. The question posed to the GOP is “What do you stand for?” This question should not be treated as rhetorical. It deserves a serious and forthright answer. This is a golden opportunity to make the case for ridding America of the pustulent pestilence on the civic body that is the modern-day Democrat(ic) Party.

I suggest something like the following:

“Republicans stand for freedom at a time when our freedoms are being eroded by Democrats. We stand for the family, for our religious beliefs, and for progress through innovation and work. We stand for the right to keep what you earn. We stand for your right to express your opinion on the airwaves, and welcome free and open debate over policy. We stand for extending that right to all who wish to speak, and reject attempts to stifle debate.”

“Republicans stand for the Constitution of the United States, which protects individuals from excessive power grabs by government. During the 1800’s we came to grips with the deepest flaw in that document, which supported slavery. When we finally were able by widespread agreement to put an end to slavery, the most dreadful hardship on our fellow human beings throughout human history, we stood for the political and military means to achieve its end.”

“A century later, when Democrats ruled the Southern States with a policy of separatism that was the American Apartheid, it was Republicans who stood with a Democrat president to insist equal rights be extended to all through the Civil Rights Act, and Democrats that filibustered in the Senate to resist that needed change which would truly give hope for a better future to all citizens.”

“Republicans have identified the destruction to families caused by ill-conceived entitlement programs passed by Democrats over Republican objections. We stand for restoration of the two-parent family unit as necessary to building a nation whose citizens are self-reliant, not state-reliant.”

“Republicans stand for the nation living within its means, and not spending money we don’t have, which causes us to print more paper money, reducing the value of money in circulation, a process known as inflation, which makes everyone poorer. Wealth can only be created through production of goods and services. Growing wealth also shares wealth.”

“Republicans believe jobs should be created by the same enterprises that built our nation from the beginning, producing those needed goods and services. Government jobs don’t produce anything. Individual small businesses grow and expand wealth and create more jobs, which in turn contribute taxes for roads we travel on, schools for knowledge, and water and sewer systems which protect our health and the environment.”

There is more, and someone else might say it better, but you get the point.

Glenn Beck has brilliantly laid out the case for renewing Washington politicians’ commitment to American law and ideals. He has used his platform on Fox News to force an otherwise tone-deaf White House to pay attention. However, he has attacked both sides in the current national political situation as corrupt and wasteful spenders, when Democrats are the most to blame for deception, fraud, and desertion of American traditions and purposes. He can’t really advocate too much, so that is understandable.

Bill Bennett just as brilliantly on Hannity countered Beck (not personally, but as a more general statement of fact) by answering the contention that both sides are to blame. Bennett said, “there are two teams on the field; you have to root for one of them.” He is right. Agree or not, there is only one party opposing Democrats. Creating a third party would inevitably split GOP voters off and guarantee Democrat primacy, which is unpalatable.

Health-Care “reform”, card-check, cap-and-trade, are all Democrat initiatives detrimental to America, its institutions, and every man, woman and child in the country, citizen and non-citizen alike. Yet these are just Obama’s Christmas list. There is more on the agenda of Congressional Democrats.

Just last night, late Friday evening, December 11, 2009, a day of infamy, the US House of Representatives passed a law putting us all one step closer to slavery. Typically passed surreptitiously before the weekend, hoping to hide the hideous under a bushel, Barney Frank got a proposal passed advertised as financial regulation. It includes a sweeping, tyrannical, unconstitutional provision to allow bureaucrats to break up any company posing a threat to the economy.

How will such a threat be defined, or such a company identified? Any way Washington wants. Companies will no longer be market-driven, but politics-dependent. The only thing standing between America’s people and utter despotism is the US Senate. Given their propensities, we should all ask God to help us, for we are in trouble.

While one may not agree with the talking points above concerning the GOP, they could be extended to apply as a more general statement of the ideals most normal, sensible Americans agree on. To that end, we should register our unwillingness to be enslaved, while making the previously-mentioned points to deaf politicians.

I would suggest that we take matters into our hands and begin peaceful but forceful action. I propose a march on Washington of at least ten million people. Call it the 10 Million Man & Mom March.

Alaska and Hawaii are welcome, but we realize they are a long way off. The lower 48 states can supply all ten million; it’s only about 208,000 per state. Of course, everyone is welcome, the more the merrier – and the greater the impact.

We should occupy the White House, Congress, and Supreme Court buildings at a minimum. If access is denied by force, occupy the streets and tie them up. That will deny politicians the ability to meet and cause more damage. Bring this unconstitutional nonsense to a halt!

During the lawless Sixties, leftist radicals occupied some college campus administration buildings, making ludicrous demands pusillanimous administrators caved in to. Why can’t law-abiding, tradition-loving Americans take back the power the US Constitution says is ours to begin with, that Congress and the Obama administration is now moving to take away?

Will the Washington political criminals order deadly force against unarmed citizens who express the demand that our lawful constitutional rights be restored? If so, they will have blood on their hands – and an end to peaceful protest. They hold the die in their hands to cast.

Too great a sacrifice? Well, how much is freedom worth? Our founders pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor – at a time when honor and life meant the same thing. Are you willing to live as a free man, or die as a slave? If it’s the former, set your mind fast, because the latter is on the way.

Waiting until the next elections may be too late. I have maintained for some time an emergency may be created to allow declaration of martial law and suspending elections. Alternatively, ACORN will be used to steal elections. Eric Holder has unilaterally declared, or had a court declare, ACORN must be funded. There is no law demanding that, it is purely a contrivance. The stage is being set.

Conspiracy? Listen, sons and daughters, this is about power. Those who have it want to keep it, and gain more. Believing otherwise denies human nature. Any evidence indicating selfless legislators working in the public’s interest is scant. 60% or thereabouts are opposed to health-care legislation; think the Senate cares?

The Constitution gives power to WE THE PEOPLE! Government tries to take it away; that’s the game! Concentrate power in the hands of a few who will cooperate with each other to get as much as they can for themselves, and the Devil take the hindmost. The beauty of the Constitution is, it is man’s best attempt to nullify that tendency.

The history of our nation is one of struggling with that dichotomy, the evil of power versus the good of individual freedom. Now, the pendulum is swinging heavily in favor of evil. We alone can stop it. What about rendering to Caesar? America is the 2,000-year long end product of the march to representative democracy, where EVERY PERSON IS CAESAR! That is the very thing Democrats want to quash, the power of the individual and heritage of free thought.

I am convinced God wants good for His people, just as much as radical Muslims are convinced Christians must perish or convert to Islam. Call me radical, but at least I don’t want to behead anyone or force my religion on them, I just want to be free to go about my business.

That’s where I stand, and I believe it is on the side of God – and because of that, I believe we are not really alone. Where do you stand?

Eddie Clements


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