Let’s Grade the President

By: Craig Chamberlain

When asked to grade his performance in his first year in office, President Obama gave himself a grade of “B+.” I think that he’s being overly generous with himself but at least he didn’t give himself an “A+.” What we need here is objectivity, no one is a good judge of their own performance as most people can’t be honest and objective about themselves. Either we have inflated ego’s and have way too much self esteem, or we’re too hard on ourselves and never appreciate what we really do. So it takes someone from the outside looking in to give an honest opinion. Let’s look at what he’s done over the last year and we’ll find out what grade he actually deserves.

Despite soaring rhetoric, his actions have been less than stellar. He campaigned as a centrist, promising fiscal restraint. Instead we’ve spent more in the first year of his administration than we have in all other administrations combined. We’ve spent 787 billion for a stimulus package that hasn’t done anything but put the government in charge of large portions of the economy. We have a federal budget of over three trillion dollars, and Congress just increased our debt ceiling by another 1.8 trillion dollars. It’s good to know that our elected officials are thinking about us so much, isn’t it?

We bailed out, or nationalized,(that might be a better term) AIG, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, GM, Citi, and many more. Now that the banks are thoroughly under the control of Uncle Sam, the government wants them to start lending money again. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it all of those cheap and easy loans that got the banks and economy into this mess in the first place?

President Obama’s spending habits make President Bush look like Ebenezer Scrooge. Our deficits are at record heights, our currency is about at junk bond status. If the dollar falls any more America will start adopting the Chinese Yuan, or go back to using buckskins as money. Rather than taking any measure to secure our financial situation, the administration is desperately trying to overhaul our healthcare system to put it under further government control, raise premiums and raise every tax that they can get they grubby little hands on. So in terms of fiscal policy there’s no other grade to give him than an “F”.

That brings us to foreign policy. Most President struggle with this area. The world is a complicated, dangerous place, it’s just too bad that President Obama doesn’t realize that. To him it’s simple, give a speech and watch the world fall in line. If it were only that easy. Despite his year long apology tour, our enemies are still our enemies. The Muslim world hasn’t renounced violent jihad against the United States, North Korea hasn’t opened up and become cooperative, and Iran hasn’t given up on its nuclear ambitions.

President Obama has one foreign policy strategy: negotiate. So far it looks like he’s a rather weak negotiator. The Russians are playing him like a fiddle in a nuclear arms reduction treaty, they got him to remove the missile shield from Poland and the Czech Republic. All the while they get to dissect Georgia, keep most of their nuclear arsenal, and threaten and bully their former satellite states. When it comes to Iran, he’s such an appeaser that even the French think he’s being too weak. Rather than stand with the millions of Iranians who want the regime gone he stands with the Mullah’s and their totalitarian schemes. He makes no move against the regime, and fiddles while they feverishly work on obtaining nuclear weapons.

The President believes that peace in the Middle East will come by throwing Israel under the bus, and working with terror groups like Fatah and Hamas. Perhaps I’m old fashioned but you don’t get cooperation from thugs by cowering in front of them. It doesn’t matter how often we call for a Palestinian state, or if we get Israel to stop building “settlements” Hamas and Fatah aren’t going to agree to peace unless it’s the peace of annihilation. His constant projection of weakness hasn’t increased American security, and his belief that he will gain the cooperation of terrorists by reaching out to them is naive at best, stupid at worst.

Then there’s Afghanistan. President Obama was constantly warned by top military commanders that more troops were needed or the mission in Afghanistan could fail and the Taliban could march back into power. President Obama finally did agree to send more troops, though only 30,000 instead of the 40,000 asked for, and he announced that they would only stay 18 months rather than stay as long as it takes. Given all of this he earns a “D” on foreign policy.

On Domestic policy there doesn’t seem to be much that would give him a passing grade. Everything revolves around his massive expansion of the state. He’s pushed cap and trade, given us a new hate crime law(that basically makes it a crime to be a Christian or speak out against the PC order), is considering a new shield law that would only apply to the mainstream media so he can silence the internet and talk radio, wants to bring back the fairness doctrine, close Gitmo, give terrorist civilian trials, and of course the ever discussed health care reform. Nothing there that would actually strengthen the country, improve freedoms, or fix the economy. That doesn’t look like a passing grade. That looks like another “F”.

Maybe I’m being too hard on President Obama, and certainly my opinions of him don’t match what the MSM thinks of him, or what he thinks of himself, but I do think that my criticisms are accurate. I think my grades are honest. When you look at his actual record, in his first year, there just isn’t a lot to point at and say “that’s helped the country.”

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