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December 18, 2009

Fake Catholic Groups Working Overtime for Healthcare Bill

Filed under: Abortion,Religion & Faith - 18 Dec 2009

It’s sad to report, but report we must: The same fake Catholic groups that helped President Barack Obama get elected have rallied to the cause of the health-care bill, abortion funding and all. As reported by, Catholics United (CU) …

Radical Feminism’s Attack on Manhood in America

Over the years, radical feminism has been attempting to demon-nize any display of testosterone. The slightest aggressive behavior is taken to the ultimate extreme portraying males as abusers. Their goal clearly is to wimpify maleness.

Public Furor & Backlash Over New Illegal Immigration Amnesty Bill

Filed under: Immigration - 18 Dec 2009

A national immigration enforcement advocacy group is warning members of Congress that the public backlash against the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty bill to be filed by Congressman Luis Gutierrez today is going to ignite an unprecedented political fire storm which …

Away with the manger!

A frequent contributor to my local newspaper wrote a piece before Christmas urging that religious Nativity displays don’t belong on government property. Since the piece was only superficially about the Nativity, and sought to expound on issues pertaining to The …