Public Furor & Backlash Over New Illegal Immigration Amnesty Bill


A national immigration enforcement advocacy group is warning members of Congress that the public backlash against the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty bill to be filed by Congressman Luis Gutierrez today is going to ignite an unprecedented political fire storm which will cost many members of Congress their jobs in 2010.

“People feel shocked and completely betrayed that any elected official would propose legalizing illegal immigrants, stopping local police from enforcing immigration law, and stopping increased border security when we have over 15 million Americans out of work,” said William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC). “The backlash on this bill is going to dwarf the rancor and contentiousness of the healthcare debate and for good reason. The current push for Amnesty is a prime example of how disconnected Washington has become from the views and opinions of average Americans.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and other Democratic members of Congress are expected to file their new bill today. In a letter circulated to lawmakers last week, the bill sponsors promised to legalize the illegal aliens in America, stop the 287(g) program which allows local police to enforce immigration laws, and stop any expansions of border patrol forces or barriers on the border.

A large collection of certified scientific polls at illustrate that public opposition to this new Amnesty bill will be in the 70-80% range.

ALIPAC activists across the nation stand ready to light up the phone lines in Washington with the following messages.

The Obama and Gutierrez supported Amnesty legislation will hurt the over 15 million innocent Americans who are unemployed. It will cost American taxpayers billions more in stolen tax resources. It will lead to more illegal immigration. It is favored by powerful special interest groups but opposed by a large majority of Americans. It will destroy any political hopes for future border enforcement or immigration enforcement.

“ALIPAC’s goal is to defeat this new amnesty legislation and to channel public anger and energy into the 2010 elections, when we hope to help throw more members of Congress out of office than any prior election in the history of the United States,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “This legislation will permanently destroy the borders and the United States as we know it. Americans of all races, political parties, and walks of life want immigration enforcement, instead of AMNESTY.”

ALIPAC has over 30,000 national supporters and recently became the most supported organization in the immigration debates within the social media of Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. Found on the web at, the organization is credited with having played a key roll in defeating three prior amnesty legislation attempts in 2006 and 2007. In the last two years, ALIPAC has focused on state level legislation where the group has won over 90% of the legislative battles passing pro-enforcement legislation and defeating pro-Amnesty legislation.

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