Don’t Be Fooled

By: William P. Frasca

Harry Reid, “the incoherent one” made an announcement that the United States Senate found a compromise to the healthcare public option dilemma. There was a major uprising of considerable protest administered from a number of center right Senators unhappy with the proposal of an expensive Government controlled healthcare bill. Which would eventually eliminate any and all private sector insurances from any competition? The Senate Bill, the way it presently stands, is an extremely watered down version compared to the House of Representatives and the initial Socialist Democratic list of forced demands.

The public option may have been defeated, in the Senate as a compromise. Past experiences proved that we must never be complacent, thinking this is a total victory; it’s not over until the fat lady sings. Remember how they were going to replace it with a proposed Medicare option that would have been opened to anyone over 55 years of age, instead of its present form of 65. This would have extended and offered coverage to millions of uninsured individuals adding an additional financial albatross to an already potentially bankrupt system. This too, is probably be dead in the water, but don’t be surprise if something more idiotic resurfaces into a different form that hits us broadside.

Were they trying to sacrifice the Medicare program into total oblivion by sabotaging it to fail, just to restore the Socialist Democrats desire to ram the public option down our throats, whether we like it or not in the future? Or are they trying to manufacture a double reverse, to confuse the defense?

Let’s take a good look at Harry Reid’ “the incoherent one’s” extreme scenario, with this Medicare option, or if any similar program of this caliber is submitted, as an example.

Isn’t this the exact same thing the majority of the American people went out to protest against, at all these town hall meetings? Wouldn’t this eventually lead up to full government control of healthcare, hidden under a cloak of deceit and manipulation? Identifying and labeling it by a different name, with the same ideals.

Harry Reid, “the incoherent one” forgot to mention or maybe he deliberately left this information out, that it apparently had the same characteristics as the Nancy Pelosi, “the incompetent one’s” House of Representatives public option flawed principles.

Anyone, who is not presently insured and deciding to accept this medical coverage would still be faced with an unknown system of unexplainable rules, regulation with multiple mazes of inconsistencies and meanings. This would eventually trickle down to the masses, of all insured, no one is safe. Fines would still be issued to the uninsured. Small businesses and the taxpayers will be hit the hardest with this increased government thievery.

There would still be a deciding judge of unqualified governmental bureaucrats, who are politically selected and employed by the all powerful Secretary of Health in establishing all healthcare procedures. They would determine who is privileged to live and all those who would receive a death sentence. They would make their own evaluations on who would get what treatment, if it is cost effective to administer and feasibly sound. Even if there’s an appeal process, valuable time would be wasted in providing essential care. This naturally will target the senior citizens that are already in the governments sights.

Increasing patient population growth will cause a chain reaction, by increasing Medicare applicants. Physicians, including all health care positions, skilled or unskilled, would be adversely affected by a compulsory decrease in financial compensations and salaries. This will obviously create a calamity by deterring a huge percentage of qualified individuals from entering these fields. This will also place a dangerous strangle hold on all present physicians, nurses, technicians, hospital staff and equipment.

All hospitals and nursing homes would be forced to either downsize or close because of a reduction in their monetary intake and cash flow, leaving them wide open for a government takeover or bailout. All these negativities will escalate sub-standard patient care, creating total chaos in the healthcare industry. This would also limit any potential constructions of any new facilities, leaving many out in the cold.

Who will pay for this new and improved Medicare Bill, if implemented, after they would have generously expanded it to millions, while eliminating a proposed cut of $500,000,000 million dollars from its budget? Well let’s see, could it possibly the taxpayer?

The Socialist Democrats, who control all aspects of the Federal Government, will definitely try to milk us dry. Every State in the Union would be subjected to additional financial burdens to balance out the Medicare budget, hitting us hard on all government levels, raising our taxes considerably. Unfortunately, America, we have taxation with unscrupulous representation.

We must keep up and increase the pressure until the loud voices of the people are heard through the deaf ears of the Obama liberal Democrats. These maggots are trying to impose compulsorily compliance and ignorance, without public logic, suggestions, complaints, and objections.

Regrettably, even though we presently, may have stopped the public option in the Senate. Don’t be fooled, especially when dealing with scoundrels. This Senate Bill, if approved must still go to Nancy Pelosi, “the incompetent one” and the House of Representatives for their endorsement.

A tolerable bill can not increase our already fiscally abused National debt and adversely influence Medicare recipients. There must be open to private competition. Coverage on forced unemployment, past and present illnesses must be protected. There must be absolutely no form of Government takeover to our healthcare system. Non medical bureaucrats must not determine patient care procedures. The Government must not have any control or forced acceptance. Whether they called it Government option, extended Medicare benefits, or something else, it still will have the same Socialistic values and results.

Until our requests and demands are met, and etched in stone, we must never let our guard down. This Socialist Democratic Administration, lead by our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one”, always finds a way to buy, sell, own or arm twist political demigods, forcibly submitting them to their will. Weakness and complicacy on our part will definitely prove to be a hazard to our health, by being placed in a Marxist healthcare system full of inhuman national horrors.

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