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By Patrick Michael

In an attempt to jump start a writing career and who knows maybe pocket a few bucks, I’ve decided to blog about Former North Carolina Senator, Former Vice Presidential Candidate and Former Presidential Candidate John Edwards. So in the interest of full disclosure I must confess that I did know the guy’s name when typing the title of this article, but I was hoping that my little bit of trickery would get someone to read past the title – I’ve been discovering that Edwards is not exactly newsworthy.

My reasons for selecting Edwards as a topic were many, I mean look at the vast number of articles about Former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin published daily and that’s just on the Huffington Post. I figured that articles about former Vice Presidential candidates must be big sellers and that someone would surely snap up mine as at least it represented a slight departure from the norm.

There was also the fact that this Edwards guy was not without controversy, I mean he was doing the stuff that Tiger Woods was doing (maybe not as much) and Tiger Woods articles run only slightly behind Sarah Palin articles on the web.

Plus, there was the added bonus that I was not going to write the same old things about Edwards that had been written about Palin. In other words I was not going to focus on his seeming lack of intelligence, I mean the guy had to go to TWO different colleges prior to graduating, TWO!! And neither one was Ivy League (which the Left holds in particularly high esteem). But he did finally earn his degree in Textile Technology – a prerequisite for being a great Commander in Chief.

But No, I was not going there, apparently the guy went on and got his law degree with honors – and God knows how much the left values law degrees, plus there is that appalling lack of lawyers in Washington.
What I was going to write about Edwards was that he was a liar and a cheat. That when his wife needed him the most, he was off dallying around with his mistress. That this creep not only was waiting for his wife to die, but he was apparently waiting for his wife to die so that he could have a romantic roof top wedding with his mistress complete with the Dave Matthews Band. This was even enough to get the Huffington Post to talk bad about him, although they did use the word ‘allegedly’ a lot.

In an argument a while back with one of my friendly foes from the other side of the aisle we were discussing this very issue of former Vice-Presidential candidates. When I threw out the name “John Edwards” to prove my point, the derisive reply was “My God, John Edwards that is such old news”. Really? Wasn’t he a Democratic challenger in the same election that Obama won? You know the one that Palin was a Republican Vice Presidential Candidate in? So how come she is relevant and he somehow is not?

I mean all the left does is SPECULATE about Sarah Palin, in most instances in the total absence of facts or despite the facts. Edwards actually did stuff, horrible stuff, Palin wore a jacket with her husband’s company logo on it for God’s sake and that was an ethics complaint?

Palin’s daughter had a baby out of wedlock, thankfully we have given up stoning for that or there would be a lot of dead celebrities wouldn’t there? Sarah had a baby that the left wanted desperately to prove was really her daughters (so they could continue to gather rocks apparently) and despite proof to the contrary – they still try to prove it!! The fact that Edwards mistress’s baby – despite constant denial and misdirection by Edwards actually was his was treated as a non-news story for the most part.
It’s not that I blame the left for wanting to deny any association with this guy, and I really was amused by some of the comments on the Huffington Post article that I referenced earlier like this one by someone calling themselves stripmullet “& just who took Edwards seriously?? Please….¬. not even paying enough attention I sensed he was not worthy of being president.¬. I noticed a book about him at my mothers house last year,, said mom.. oh.. no… she likes to read & be informed,, but,, I said wait .. it will come forth about how he is not good.. go figure,,,, here we are…” Ahh the joy of revisionist history. Right, no one took Edwards seriously except the ones who voted for him as Senator of North Carolina and all those voting for the Kerry/Edwards ticket. But old ‘stripmullet’ was smart enough to see through him. Here’s to hoping that we hear from a lot of stripmullet like bloggers in 2012.

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