Dear Santa

By: Patti Bankson

As a kid, I always knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas. Making the list was almost as delicious as the anticipation… almost as exciting as sitting in front of the tree and wondering whether Santa had brought me what I’d asked for… I knew I was on the “Nice” part of his “Naughty or Nice List”, but the mystery was always there!

As an adult, a Wish list isn’t usually part of my Christmas To-Do’s. But thought I’d make one this year, and I know exactly what I want. I also know that, if I’m going to get what I want, I’ll need to send it, not to the North Pole, but to Washington, D.C. because, apparently, that’s where Santa and his 535 elves live now. At least that seems to be where all the gifts are coming from. So…

Dear Santa (aka President Obama and Congress), Here’s what I want for Christmas: 1) A job for every American citizen who needs, and wants one; nobody cares whether they’re green, or purple jobs. 2) I want you and your 535 elves to wake up and listen to the People. 3) I want you to stop pushing through so-called Health “Reform”. 4) If you insist on “reforming” health care, I want you to include TORT REFORM. 5) I want you to stop with the phony Climate thing you’re foisting on us. 6) I want you to stop with the Cap-and-Tax. 7) I want you to tell Congress they don’t get a raise this year, or any year, until unemployment drops like a rock (or would that be coal?) 8) I want you to tell Federal employees what I told you to tell Congress in # 7. 9) I want you to tell Congress to get over themselves. 10) I want you to get rid of all the Czars… a President, Cabinet and Congress are more than enough Chiefs. 11) I want you and your elves to get your collective noses out from under my tent. 12) I want you and your elves to read the Constitution. 13) After you and your elves read the Constitution, I want you to do what you all took an oath to do: Support and defend it. 14) I want you to stop apologizing to the world for America and Americans. 15) I want you and your elves to stop spending OUR money as though it were YOURS, or part of a Monopoly game. 16) I want you to stop printing money as though whatever “backs it up” is there as long as you still have paper. 17) I want you to cut up the National Credit Card 18) I want you and Congress to take re-medial math and bookkeeping so you will know how to Budget… like real people do. You know, based on what you actually have, not what you wish you had? 19) I want you to get rid of all the radical, left-left-left wing people you’ve given jobs to; you could replace them with real people who actually like America. 20) I want you to drop the idea of fundamentally changing America. 21) I want all of you to realize that God is God… and you’re not Him.

Thank You!

P.S. I’m not asking too much, am I?

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