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By Patrick Michael

Ed Schultz host of the “Ed Show” wrote an article for the Huffington Post this weekend in which he expressed the desire that Senators could see the America they deny. Now just going on the headline “Senators Should Visit a Free Health Care Clinic to Really See the America They Represent…and Deny” I thought that maybe the article was going to focus on the 60% of American’s who disapprove of the current Health Care Bill, no such luck.

No, Ed stuck with the evil “U.S. Senators put the God Almighty Dollar in front of people who put them in office.” approach. An argument that I actually agree with, but for different reasons than Ed Schultz put’s forth.

The article focuses on a recent free clinic that was held in Kansas City at the City Convention Center. Here Ed witnessed “Middle class Americans standing in line for hours waiting to see a doctor. Some had not seen a doctor in years. They have jobs, some working two jobs, but can’t afford the cost of insurance and basically are on the GOP plan: pray you don’t get sick.”

Damn heartless GOP!!. Now hopefully anyone who has known me for more than 10 minutes realizes that I would never wish ill on anyone nor fail to feel moved at the sufferings of fellow Americans or fellow human beings for that matter. But these type of stories, beyond painting a painful picture of the sufferings of Middle American also seem to beg more questions than they answer.
First of all, since when do you need health insurance to see a Doctor? For years I used a Prompt Care for Medical treatment, it was $40.00 a visit. Admittedly, $40.00 can be tough to come by sometimes, as it was for me but Ed mentioned in his article that these people “have jobs, some working two jobs” and they can’t afford a $40.00 Doctor’s visit?

Maybe I am totally wrong, but please convince me, and while your at it convince me that there are no existing programs that are meant to assist individuals in this position.

Do you really want to pass a Healthcare program that mean old Republicans can buy into? Well my advice is to work on the following ‘little’ areas that tend to put us off.

First – Get your facts straight!!! How many people need this monstrosity of a program? Is it 20 Million, 30 Million, 40 Million, 50 Million (stop me when I get close), 60 Million, 70 Million or what!! I mean you want the American taxpayers to forkout 1.5 Trillion (at least) dollars and you can’t explain it to us? I’ve got news for you, I don’t even give me kids $25.00 unless they can explain to me what they need it for.

Second – Quit the phony urgency!! – Before you spout off about why this needs to be done now, now, now, now and start quoting Harry Reid to me (which will QUICKLY loose you an audience) keep in mind that I KNOW it does not actually start saving anyone for four years. So by your numbers of 45,000 people a year dying for lack of this coverage (and $40.00 apparently) you are perfectly willing to let another 180,000 of so die while you are collecting taxes – now that seems pretty heartless.

Third – If you really want my support, QUIT calling me names!! – This health care bill has meant that I have gotten to be called a racist (yeah, I marched for Civil Rights in a really racist manner}, a Teabagger (What??), AstoTurf (By NANCY PELOSI and DAVID AXELROD for God’s sake, David WHO INVENTED Astroturf by the way), Phony Anger (No, I really am mad!!), Anti-American (Well of course, all of us Army Veterans are) and worse. I’m not sure but I think the first couple of sentences in the book “How to win friends and influence people” says “Hey! Don’t do this”

Forth – Why do I need it if I don’t want it?? – Okay, Okay those people at the free health clinic need health insurance – granted. But why does the rest of America have to sign up for this also? Again, figure out how many people really need it, don’t try to sell us a bunch of BS about illegal aliens or call them alien illegals and say that is different or stupid things like that. Be HONEST with us.

Fifth and Final – Give us credit for being able to read and research – I mean crying out loud, this type of article pulling at the heart strings worked great 40 years ago, when American opinion was formed by 30 minutes of news and the Daily Paper, but those days are gone. Ed, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but “U.S. Senators put the God Almighty Dollar in front of people” populate both sides of the aisle, and both sides of this issue.

Heck, let’s just look at Chris Dodd, you know the guy that Vice President Biden recently said was “Getting the living hell beat out of him, the living bejesus beat out of him” the Vice President who tried to sell us on the fact that this was because Dodd was a “leader”? There is this handy dandy website called “” that will tell you all kinds of stuff about politicians and their money. Here are some interesting tidbits about the “Leader” Chris Dodd:

Top 5 Industries, 2005-2010, Campaign Cmte
Securities & Investment $3,830,874 $3,614,674 $216,200
Lawyers/Law Firms $1,762,002 $1,591,896 $170,106
Insurance $1,249,006 $890,700 $358,306
Real Estate $1,164,231 $994,013 $170,218
Commercial Banks $769,244 $655,244 $114,000

Well, this can’t be right, these are the same old bad guys who caused all those horrible problems with Wall Street, Real Estate and Commercial Mortgages. And I guess the nearly 2 Million Dollars that Dodd received from Lawyers and Law Firms would explain why Tort Reform didn’t make the cut (or even mention) in the Senate Bill (or the h0use version either). It is worth noting that the House bill does contain a provision that actually penalizes states that dare “limit attorney’s fees or impose caps on damages.” Why? Because, as Howard Dean has openly admitted, Democrats don’t want “to take on the trial lawyers.”

So please if we are going to talk about these evil Senators and their evil money, let’s talk about all of them okay?

More that anything, this type of article reminds me of the old Sally Struthers and “Save the Children” commercials. You remember the one’s that touted that the organization provided 85% of your contributions directly to helping children, except that it turned out that the real percentage was somewhere (according to the Sam Donaldson documentary on the subject) between “0-30″ percent?

But those commercials sure made us feel guilty didn’t they? I wonder who used to write them?

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