Progressive with Guts??, not so much….

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By Patrick Michael

I occassionally write for I Hate the Media, and submit story ideas 3 or 4 times a week as a rule. My editor is a great guy who pretty much gives me free rein to write about whatever I find interesting at the time. He has very few rules, but he has just imposed one on me, and me alone – No more Alan Grayson articles.

Sorry, I just can’t help myself. Every time I see this self praising piece of work make news by his excessive rudeness, or his appalling pleas for a “Money Bomb” because Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like him it just plain makes me mad.

The rude one’s latest ‘newsworthy’ antics were going on Chris Matthews show and telling Dick Cheney to STFU, how nice, how very nice.

Now maybe this is or is not newsworthy, but Newsbusters managed to come up with some Alan Grayson nonsense that the Main Stream Media has not picked up and run with yet. It seems the self described Congressman/Democrat or Progressive with Guts has run to his leftist buddy Erick Holder and asked him to prosecute and convict one of his biggest critics (no – not me) and to send them to jail for five years. The critic in question? Angie Langley, who along with her Committee apparently run the “” website about Gutsy Grayson.

Well this is far to much for Grayson to take. Langley doesn’t even live in his district!! How dare she think he is nuts! Apparently Grayson is under the mistaken belief that you must reside in his district to question his sanity. Not so Congressman, I live in Michigan and I have no doubt that you are stark raving mad.

Well, in fairness to Grayson, it is apparently not Langley’s questioning of his sanity that bothers him, but rather the fact that she says “my’ congressman which is apparently dishonest. Yes Congressman Grayson, anyone who would falsely claim YOU as their representative should be imprisoned. How dare they. Of course maybe after the “five years of incarceration” that you are demanding you will no longer be in office and the whole ugly affair can become a mute point and you can go on to be an insane private citizen like the rest of us.

Noel Sheppard wrote about this on Newsbusters and observed that the highlights of Grayson’s letter to Holder included the following: “Ms. Langley and the Committee falsely represented to the Federal Election Commission that the Committee “supports or opposes more than one candidate,” In fact, however, the committee name corresponds to a website that attacks me. and only me, while soliciting contributions to be used against only me. Moreover, Ms. Langley has falsely depicted herself as a constituent, in order to further this scheme. Ms. Langley and the Committee thus have, “in a[] matter within the jurisdiction of the executive … branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and willfully -

Wait. It gets better: “Ms. Langley has chosen a name for her committee that is utterly tasteless and juvenile. Of the thousands of campaign committees reporting to the FEC, I doubt that any other one sinks this low. But that is not the primary purpose of this complaint.”

Lucky for you Mr. Grayson being “tasteless and juvenile” is not illegal, otherwise you would be a felon. If you would like to read the entire Noel Sheppard article at Newsbusters, you can find it here:, Sheppard does go on to explain in great detail how the media is not too anxious to report on this Grayson story, but fawns all over the Congressman when he is attacking Republicans.

Now Grayson who is a freakishly large man could probably swallow Langley without chewing. One wonders at how he arrived at the decision to sue? Did he ask himself what other gutsy, tough guys like George S. Patton or John Wayne or Chuck Norris or someone like that would do? Apparently not, as it is pretty apparent that “sue the girl and put her in prison for not liking me” would not be first choice on the list of any “Real” tough guy. But then your not really in that league are you Alan?

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