The Godfather Of American Socialism

By: William P. Frasca

How did we the people of the United States of America progressively find ourselves accepting a subservient role in a deep domestic hole of humiliating tyranny. Our beloved Country is being over run by indecency, corruption, thievery, disrespect, with total disregard and manipulation of the law. Our most valued, envious, remarkable doctrine called reverently, the United States Constitution is being brutally abused.

Why do we allow ourselves to be controlled, while tainting our destiny by electing our present leadership starting with our teleprompter reading, no experience President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, Nancy Pelosi, “The Incompetent One” Harry Reid, “The Incoherent One”, Not to mention naming a few others, “The Second Rate Failed Comedian, Election Robbing”, Al Franken of Minnesota, “The Living Dead” Senators, of Robert C. Byrd, of West Virginia, Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, “The Shylock”, Chuck Schumer, of New York, “The Arrogant Self Love Imbeciles”. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein of California, “The Arrogant Buffoon”, Barney Frank of Massachusetts, and “The Tax Cheat” Charley Rangel of New York, together with all the dishonest, immoral devious, Socialist Democratic liberals, who have the American people on their “Pay Me No Mine List”..

Our forefathers had no intention of establishing a country governed by a one party system, controlled by individuals with dictatorial philosophies of grandeur.

His Highest, the godfather of American Socialism, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, primarily initiated Social Security. This was the first National Socialist program which forcibility enlisted a percentage of working Americans into a government operated program, leaving no choice to the recipient. Its intention looked admirable on the surface, by creating a mandatory Federal pension system, for factory workers and other business employees. Especially for all those who had no clue in preparing themselves for future retirement? Nevertheless this was an entitlement with a Socialistic ideology, even though it had limited enrollment. He created a number of federal programs that are also being resurrected today by the Obama Administration.

Though it was a Republican, President Dwight D. Eisenhower who expanded the program, by opening enrollment up to millions, including an increased support for Americans with disabilities, which were all those who had the misfortune of being permanently ill or physically disabled. He also signed the Agricultural Act and the Social Security Amendments Act which also increased enrollment.

Now upon looking at this inflatable balloon of Government created abuse, it is on the verge of going bankrupt, not because of the qualified individuals, who contributed into this account for all of their working lives, the disabled or a child who lost a loving parent. On the contrary, the monetary cash flow from this program is being illegally used in robbing Peter to pay Paul philosophy of bailing out other questionable failed government programs.

The government wants to take your money, by investing it into a compulsory program, explaining it as a national pension/disability/survivor benefit/insurance policy, but unconscionably denying it to legally qualified individuals, faced with an unfortunate catastrophe or retirement to use in which the benefit was initially established. Not only placing them through the wringer, but basically forcing them you hire legal advice during the timeless appeals process. This is a despicable, shameful act of consumer thievery, in which you were denied a mandatory service that you had no option to purchase in the first place. Imagine what would happen if they had full control of healthcare?

This should have been a discretionary program, allowing each and every person the opportunity to use their contributions in developing their own personal arrangements, for themselves and their families. Some of the Federal and Local government positions are exempt, from contributing because they have their own plans, so why is it mandatory for others? Why is it used as a Socialist government account, of compulsive fiscal pittance for humanitarian survival? The main reason is quit obvious, because it is now used to collect additional tax revenue for the national budget. The Federal politicians have the uncanny knack of using any and all monies available even if these finances are redirected to other bureaucratic agencies.

The Roosevelt Administration was only the beginning of government interference and involvement which established a federal intervention of dependency and intrusion. Roosevelt didn’t want to stop there, at his January 11, 1944 State of the Union address he endorsed and recommended that the United States needed a second Bill of Rights, called an “economic bill of rights, which guaranteed, a job with a living wage, freedom from unfair competition and monopolies, a home, medical care, education, and recreation. This sounds all too familiar with the same Socialist demands and rhetoric of our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one” and his miserable Administration of Liberal Marxist Democrats of social rejects and misfits. Some of them even want to incorporate this second Bill of Rights into our Constitution. So beware and warned.

We have Welfare, Section 8 rent and housing supplements, food stamps, Medicare, and Medicare part D, Medicaid, free cheese, milk, breakfast, lunches and food stamps. Subsidized gas, electric and oil heating, free college tuition for only a select few, free grants, free cell phones, free contraception. Free, free, free, that is all paid for by the generous taxpayers, and the list goes on.

Most of these entitlements, considered as compassionate humanitarian domestic aide are wide open to abuse, corruption and thievery. Applying usually establishes bureaucratic nightmares, barriers, endless paperwork, illegible contradictory procedures, demanding personal information, quotas and selling your dignity, which unfortunately is remarkably given freely, by the applicant. Big brother is definitely watching. Illegal aliens are welcomed to apply and usually accepted with open government arms.

Let’s face some cold hard facts about our Great Country; from the Roosevelt Administration to the present, with the exception of President Ronald Reagan, our last Conservative, Commander-In-Chief, we are slowly, but surely losing our inalienable rights, freedoms, and Capitalistic ideology by creating a population that is totally dependent upon free government subsidies.

Competition and incentive to progress and excelled independence, together with personal achievements are definitely being stripped from our lives. Rules, questionable legitimate laws and regulations are being imposed by unscrupulous means and secret meetings, with no public input, publications or information until it is passed.

Taxes of all makes and sizes are stymieing the growth of our economy. We must start by going back to the basics, limiting or eliminating all enhanced government powers over and from our lives. We must throw out the one party system, by enhancing our essential checks and balances. We must not only vote, but vote wisely, by ending the tenures of all those who have the audacity, self admiration and corrupted arrogance that they are above the law and will of the people. We must follow, protect and defend our Constitution, Bill of Rights and legally defeat any person or organizations, public or private that believes a second Marxist/Socialist Bill of Rights is necessary to complete their Communist goals.

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