The Republican Household

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By: KL Terace

A house divided against its self will not stand and a party that is representative of the people by the people can not continue to splinter or it will fall. For we know that the strength of any house begins with a foundation that has been carefully structured with truth, respect and honor. It is this brick and mortar in which the Republican party had laid long ago that strove to build up its people.

Within our party’s framework you will find the load bearing beam for which we all must stand so, we can support all the unique individuals who make her the hope for today and tomorrows America. As the party that stands for freedom, individual responsibility and the precious gift of life we have the windows that show the world our light, and our reflection of what we truly stands for. We must not let our light be daunted for then our panes will shatter and the light of truth for those seeking a better way will be seen as nothing but false piety. We must not let our beacon be snuffed out for where will one find hope? For we know with great certainty that it was our nation that established the guiding light of freedom to be that deliverance for those who seek our national treasure.

Just as a household stands against the torrents and forces of life we as a party must do to help this nation survive. We know it is those who belong together, who gather around home and hearth to strengthen the binds that tie. We as the Republican party need to sweep our corners, dust out our spider webs, tighten our joists, spot check and repair our structural outline of who we are and what we stand for to work as a team, as one. To show our unity and strength as the true symbol of American freedom, justice and focus to move us forward. Let us as the eagle fly… wing tip to wing tip… as one so that our house, our America, our party, our Republic can withstand any element from within and without because we, the Republican party work as one!

Let us ask ourselves, can a house divided against itself stand? Can a house with a crumbling foundation, splintering load bearing beams and multiple broken window panes be an attractive abode to welcome all who come near her? What are we as the party for the people by the people reflecting today? What are we hoping to offer tomorrow to the American people? I ask us all to think of this analogy and reference to our own house- our own party. Where are we good citizens? Where is the battle cry to restore our house, our party’s virtues that contain unity, honor, respect and strength?

As we each look around about us let us recall the American symbol of freedom- the American Bald Eagle. This majestic animal was chosen to represent our nation, because it was a species that was unique in its symbolic representation of this land. As our country’s symbol soared high in wide open skies our fellow brothers and sisters of freedom knew within their beating hearts that this majestic animal represented all they could hope for, freedom. Freedom from oppression, freedom to worship, freedom to speak, freedom from heavy taxation, freedom to work, freedom to choose where we wanted to live and freedom to be what our Creator intended us to be.

We were a country born out of a yearning to work together from sea to shining sea, a place where freedom and the pursuit of happiness would be made available to all equally. Where each man, woman or child regardless of race, economics or religion could stand shoulder to shoulder in a balance of camaraderie to help one another in our development, our visions, and our quests to build a better today and a greater tomorrow. A deep seeded ideal that lives within all humankind to relish and share with others who seek her vision. One that our brothers and sisters fought bled and died for- even still today.

Let us move forward in 2010 to bring back America, our Republic, our land of the free and the home of the brave. Together we can accomplish and restore our founding fathers vision of what once was held so precious and dear- our FREEDOM, our Republic.

“A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it, has earned — this is the sum of good government.” Thomas Jefferson

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