The Iranian People are Fighting for Freedom. What will the US do?

By: Craig Chamberlain

With the exception of the North Korean regime, the Iranian government is the most brutal, and totalitarian, in the world. After thirty years of theocratic rule the Iranian people have had enough. They have taken to the streets demanding their freedom and showing the thugs who act as the regimes enforcers that they are not afraid of them anymore. In fact, it’s the other way around. The club wielding thugs of the Basij have taken to wearing masks so that they will not be recognized by the people. It’s always a good sign when the government is more afraid of the people than the people are of the government.

It all started this summer when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad “won” the Presidential election over his challenger Hossein Mousavi. As if thirty years of unelected Mullahs controlling every facet of your daily life, taking the fun out of everything, turning your country into a basket case, and putting it on permanent war footing wasn’t enough you have to have this jerk as the official face of your country. No wonder they took to the streets.

The regime, which has never been known for it’s tolerance, kindness, or respect for civil rights, responded with more aggression and violence than normal. Militias of government thugs took the streets to put down any signs of resistance. At least nine have been killed by government goons in this latest uprising, including the nephew of Mr. Mousavi. The Iranian people want to be free from this tyranny. They want liberty, prosperity, and respect. All of which are denied to them by the theocracy.

Where is our government in all of this? Aside from some mealy mouthed statements in support of the protestors, President Obama is still trying to engage the regime. He believes an outstretched hand will result in a handshake when all it will do is get his hand cut off. Even the French think that we’re being too soft on the terror masters of Tehran. You know it’s bad when the heirs of Petain and De Gaulle think you don’t have any backbone.

The United States has an interest in seeing the regime fall. The regime, aside from being brutal, fascistic, denying basic human rights to its people, is also the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, and is feverishly working around the clock to acquire nuclear weapons. When you go to sleep there is still someone in Iran working on enriching uranium so that one day they can wipe out Israel, reduce Europe to vassalage through appeasement, and put the United States on notice.

The fall of the Mullah’s, and their regime, would deal a crippling blow to Islamic terrorism around the world. The Iranian regime is the greatest patron of Islamic fascism in the world today, and its disappearance would deprive many terrorists of their financial backing, and safe havens. If the Iranian regime fell the Revolutionary guards( a terrorist organization) would fall with it, Hezbollah would lose its backing, Hamas would lose a major sponsor. The elimination of just these three groups would be a serious blow to the terrorists. Even the surviving groups would be badly weakened.

Instead President Obama believes that engagement and diplomacy will win the day. Despite all proof to the contrary he thinks that the Iranian regime will be so overpowered by his charisma that they will cave in and talk, that a mutually beneficial deal can be struck and everyone can walk away happy. First of all, the world isn’t too impressed with our dear leader, even the people of America are starting to become tired of him. Secondly we’ve seen his negotiation abilities. He specializes in apologizing, and caving in. He never gets, or even demands, anything from the other side.

It should be the policy of the Obama administration, or any US government for that matter, to support the people of Iran in their struggle with the fascist regime they suffer under. The Iranian people will need that support, they cannot topple the regime with Youtube, and Twitter. As convenient as those things are it’s not going to scare the regime into folding. The Iranian people need the financial help of the outside world. If they don’t get it, we will soon be dealing with a nuclear Iran, one that will feel totally secure and invincible to any challenge. That would be bad for everyone.

President Obama should not talk to the Mullahs when he could be bringing them down.

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