Yielding Our Dignity

By: William P. Frasca

This Socialist Democratic Administration lead by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one”, must realize that prostrating, pimping and selling out America is not the answer to world peace. Betraying, condemning and humiliating American ideals, philosophies, history, courage, precious freedoms, our remarkable Constitution, and the most priceless symbol of independence our Flag, in which he originally refused to wear on his lapel, during his presidential campaign, remember, or did we forget so quickly? So why is his apologetic, subservient behavior to unconscionable dictators such a big surprise? We all knew of his passive American hating negatives, of waving his true colors of shame to the American people; so we must just shake our heads in amazement that he is actually the President, and believe that the American electorate is so easily swayed by a clean cut salesman with a preordained script. There are no free lunches, somewhere along the line you have to pay the cashier, or wash the dirty dishes.

Are we living in a virtual reality of mind control and illusionary security, dictated by propaganda, appearances, smiles, excuses, apologies and bowing? Do we sacrifice all our pride and self esteem, desecrating our beloved forefathers and courageous war heroes, military and civilian, for a leader who is freely offering up our dignity for a false sense of peace? Are we pleased with our Commander-In -Chief crawling and licking the boots of all these sociopaths? Is this what we have become, a nation of pathetic cowards, who elect and allow their pitiful weak leaders to openly and humbly bow, condemn, undermine and disrespect our history, generosity, sacrifices and existence as a nation.

His embarrassment as a leader is not going to cement, guarantee or produce a permanent beer drinking bond with any and all these unstable fanatical leaders such as North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong-il, Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela.

His piercing words of insulting America, to the world, constantly, with most of his speeches, including the United Nations and his comical acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize, as the President of the United States are a reprehensible abomination in ethics. His inferior statements are not only mortifying, but it provides additional skepticism of untrustworthiness in his character as a man. He amplifies, without conscience, ungrateful, condescending words of infidelity.

His mentality seals a deceiving publicized animosity towards our American democracies, liberties, principles, morals and standards. These upsetting words of submission, blame, arrogance and guilt, inflicts a non-healing muddy, self imposed injury to our amazing forefathers and our sovereignty as a Nation. Let him visit the cemeteries of our fallen brave soldiers, and civilians, who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedoms, and dare him to project this same apologetic humiliating shame.

These insults administer a direct, unacceptable, rude, disrespectful attitude for all those courageous individuals, past and present, who unselfishly gave the supreme, ultimate sacrifice, or suffered lifelong injuries and disabilities, mentally, physical or spiritually in protecting this great nation and its people from all enemies foreign and domestic. Not to mention an uncompassionate, unsympathetic total disregard for the trials and tribulations of their loving families.

This Administration lead by our President Barack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one”, must realize that he is the leader of the free world, representing the United State of America. When he bows his head in shame, he disgraces our Country, promoting a subservient role; he provides a crushing blow and a dishonorable spectacle of weakness in the eyes of the world. As he humbles himself by offering a meek, docile, passive position in displaying decency and respect to all obscene foreign dictators; that are blatant offenders of human rights, our vocal enemies, wishing us harm, destruction and our eventual demise shows his naïve inexperience and clueless behavior.

America is a beacon of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It represents capitalism, self determination, prosperity with unlimited possibilities and achievements. It was conceived and established as the rock and cornerstone for freedom. Our forefathers risked everything to over throw the greedy aristocrats and royalty, who brutally and sadistically tried to milk them dry, by imprisoning them morally, religiously, and financially denying them their true rightful independent destiny.

Our Forefathers wanted to establish a Country where their citizens will never be forced to bow, yield or submit to any self proclaimed Monarch or Dictator, until now, with our President Barack Hussein Obama, “the disgraceful, undignified one”, remarkably performing this task so naturally. Remember these immortal words, of an American hero, Patrick Henry “Give me liberty or give me death”. Freedom isn’t free.

Our Troops, Government Agents and Civilian Defense Personnel throughout the world mean so much to us all. Let us all stand strong with them, and pray that Almighty God bless and protect each and everyone of them from all harm and injury, mentally, physically and spiritually. May the Good Lord bless their families? May they always have the strength to defeat all our enemies swiftly and effortlessly, at home or abroad, foreign or domestic? May they never feel discouraged or forgotten; because we must always let them know that America and the American people will always love and cherish them always. We must never forget our Veterans, who fought and scarified.

God bless America to have men and women protecting us unselfishly with such outstanding courage, caliber and honor.

May God grant us the strength and courage to survive this terrible Administration, by constantly questioning, protesting and watching their continued unconventional sellout of American values? Pride, Flag, Constitution, Rights and Freedoms must forever be preserved.

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