Will 2010 be a Better Year for the President?

By: Guest Authors

by Elizabeth Marion

Barack Obama may have been very popular when he was inaugurated, but a lot of things have changed since then. The honeymoon is over and the ratings are down. The President has infuriated the right by pushing for legislation that is supported by the far left, hurts jobs, hurts the economy, and takes away freedoms. He has also angered the left by not accomplishing all he promised them. So the left feels he is not doing enough and the right feels he has already done enough damage. How can President Obama make 2010 a better year for himself and the for the country?

Perhaps the President should start by becoming less involved in the private sector and stop trying to control things that are none of his business. By constantly bailing out failing businesses and telling businesses how much they can pay their employees, the government is instead rewarding poor, irresponsible decisions and making things a little harder for those who have been responsible and made good financial decisions. They’re also destroying Capitalism and entrepreneurship in the process. The government is putting road blocks in front of the people who are working hard and being responsible, and at the same time ‘helping’(or enslaving, depending on your opinion) those who are only hurting because of poor decisions and planning. The government is even offering to help people pay their mortgages! Protecting people from failure, or from paying their mortgage, will not help them. It will not increase their income long term and will only keep them in a house they can’t afford. Meanwhile, the country is sinking deeper and deeper into debt because the government is spending all our money trying to protect people from the consequences of their actions and teaching them to depend on the government instead of themselves. Even those who do want the government to look out for them are beginning to realize that this is not sustainable.

It might also help if he actually starts to live what he preaches. He could actually try being bipartisan instead of claiming to be and blaming all his problems on Bush and the republicans. Maybe he shouldn’t fly to Copenhagen for a conference on how to convince more people to stop flying in planes to save the planet. Maybe he should stop criticizing the ‘fat cats’ spending habits when his own are killing this country. And it might help to just slightly tone down the arrogance. The country’s deficit is larger than it’s ever been and unemployment is still not below eight percent, which is what he promised us with the stimulus bill, yet he still praises himself in his speeches and talks about all he’s accomplished and how he pulled us back from the brink. (Hint for future President’s:When everything you try to do fails, it’s time to stop acting like you’re the savior of the world, let alone the country.) If the stimulus actually did what it was supposed to, the President was actually being bipartisan, and he was also working to bring down the deficit instead of continuing to spend recklessly like the consequences will never catch up to us, I could tolerate the arrogance. However, the stimulus did not do what we were told it would do, which isn’t much of a surprise, the President is not being anything close to bipartisan, and while he has said several times that he is concerned about the deficit he is spending like he just doesn’t care. His words do not match his actions, and we need a President who is true to his word. This President is not.

President Obama ultimately needs to change all of things he’s done in 2009. The insane spending, the arrogance, and the endless Bush blaming needs to stop in order for the President to gain back America’s trust in 2010.

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