Obama Fails Again

By: Eddie Clements

The narcissist-in-chief must be beside himself. Can’t the world’s greatest golfer…uh, messiah….d’oh!…president!…finish a round of golf? First, some emergency-not calls him off the course because of a health problem not in his own family, then this alleged-bomber-alleged-criminal thing interrupts his game. Hey, I’m on vacation! What do I have a staff for if they can’t handle a simple criminal matter? The plane landed safely, right? What’s the big deal?

Whaddya mean, Napolitano and Gibbs bothched it? They botch everything, what’s different about this? Alright, alright, lemme make this putt….g..d….it! Yeah, lez go…stupid putter.

Whassamatta with these Al-Qaeda people, can’t they leave well enough alone? I told them I would take care of everything, all they have to do is stay out of the way. If they just stay away, I’ll deliver what they want, the complete and utter downfall of the great Satin that is the true source of evil in the world, but no! They just can’t keep their hands off long enough for me to restructure it my way. Can’t they see it would benefit them? You got the statement? No teleprompter? I know it’s not a speech….alright, just gimme the s…t.

Poor Mr. President. Every liberal pundit, talking head, newspaper, official and unofficial spokesman ready to contort their logic into rhetorical pretzels for him and no one can come up with anything better than “Bush did it”. And since Bush isn’t the prez right now, and because this happened on Obama’s watch, and because his Secretary of Homeland Security says “the system worked” when “the system” most obviously, most publicly, most pathetically failed, Obama is put in the uncomfortable position of….appearing human.

Of course, his statement before the world concerning the events of, what, three days before?… appeared so cool, so detached, so bloodless, one could hardly discern whether it was blood or ethylene glycol that coursed through the presidential/messianic veins. Is this man moved at all by the prospect of the death of hundreds of innocent Americans at the hand of a misguided, overprotected, under-knowledged fool?

Did it occur to our President that it was only the Hand of Divine Providence that stayed the explosive device from its intended purpose? Or does he not believe in Divine Providence? That would be a logical conclusion to be derived from the ineloquent, legalistic, uninspiring statement delivered by the president who promised unity, the end of bipartisanship, of racism, a veritable dawn of a New Enlightenment, with peace, justice and tranquility everywhere which would be the result of his ascendency to world prominence.

No, the Obama presidency has failed in its promise and its hope, but has indeed delivered change, in tone, in substance…and inability to get anything right. This guy has no clue what America, Americans, or our enemies are about.

As Mark Steyn said, substituting for Rush Limbaugh, this happened on the most celebrated Christian day of the year. Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior, the Living God made flesh, come to redeem us of our sins and spread the Gospel of the Lord. What better day for a person opposed to everything that day represents to make a spectacular display of violence, to say ‘we hate you and all you stand for!” The “we”, of course, being the Religion Whose Name Cannot Be Mentioned because of political correctness.

Our enemies are opposed to liberty, opposed to equality under law, opposed to any religion other than their own. This includes both the Jihadists members of Islamic fundamentalism AND the ecoterrorist/Marxist/One-Worldists. But, right now, it is the Islamic fundamentalists who are boarding planes with intent to kill. Both must be defeated by all means possible, but the Islamic fundamentalists must absolutely be identified as enemies if they are to be defeated.

Under the current administration, they are just irritants, the occasional random but deadly mosquito that must be swatted when encountered. Obama has a plan to unite the world under some kind of U.N. aegis that would allow local dictators – like Obama – primacy over local affairs, but ultimately all would answer to a unified order. This Jihad thing keeps getting in the way; he hates dealing with it.

Deal with it he must, because they will continue to act whether we do or not. Al-Qaeda is not privy to or even interested in Obama’s wealth-transfer schemes. They want us dead, and they provide proof of that desire every chance they get. Flight 253 was just the latest opportunity.

As a guest on The O’Reilly Factor said, they still succeeded by 80% – they caused a fear, caused us to change procedures – stupidly, it turns out – and cost us money. Multiple deaths and loss of an aircraft would have been a bonus, but there will be a next time.

And they won’t wait ‘til next Christmas – they’ll wait for the next good opportunity, and the next sodden young fool willing to give his life for sodden old fools’ vision of a better world – somewhere in the seventh century.

We must be ever vigilant for these strikes, until the time comes when we can convince the Jihadists to stop. Obama has proven he is not up to that task. There are calls for the resignation of Janet Napolitano. I disagree. Let her stand as a monument to hubris, to failure, to elitism.

What? And permit the Homeland further potential for attack? Obama will appoint someone to the task who may even have ability to do it. However, their performance will be inhibited by the desire of the administration to put as much of a politically correct imprimatur on Homeland Security’s activities as they do all other activities of this administration.

Obama will not stop the Jihadists. They are more imaginative, more cunning, more determined to destroy the world’s greatest symbol of Christian success than Obama is to prevent it. Why? Because he said himself he is uncomfortable with the idea of victory. If you can’t even imagine it, you surely can’t achieve it.

Eddie Clements

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