ALIPAC Moves To Stop In-State Tuition for Illegals in New Jersey


The national organization, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, is deploying activists from across America into an effort to stop in-state tuition for illegal aliens in New Jersey as some state lawmakers there rush to pass the unpopular legislation before Governor Jon Corzine leaves office and is replaced by a governor who would veto the bills.

“This is a classic example of lawmakers who support illegal aliens more than American citizens, using an underhanded tactic to provide taxpayer benefits to illegal immigrants at the expense of innocent Americans,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Many New Jersey citizens voted against Governor Corzine due to his support for this legislation. Polls show that about 80% of Americans oppose in-state tuition for illegals, but some legislators apparently don’t care about the American public anymore.”

ALIPAC has helped defeat in-state tuition legislation in more than 20 states in the last five years. The measure has failed dramatically, even in states controlled by large margins of Democrats in the state legislature. Democratic party controlled legislatures in North Carolina, Arkansas, and Colorado recently defeated these bills by large margins.

“Most legislatures reject this kind of legislation because of the intense public outcry and backlash against it,” said Gheen. “In-state tuition for illegal aliens encourages more illegal immigration and replaces innocent American students in the limited seats in our colleges at taxpayer expense!”

ALIPAC supporters in New Jersey and from all other states are being asked today to contact New Jersey state lawmakers to ask them to oppose and vote against Assembly Bill 194 & Senate Bill 1036 (A194 & S1036).

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