Making A Case For A Third Party

By: Ken Hughes

The coming midterm elections would be the perfect opportunity to launch a third party. If a third [i.e.] Conservative Party could field without a lot of fanfare and manage to get a handful of truly conservative candidates elected it would sign the death bell for one party congressional manipulation as we know it today. Previous attempts to launch third parties have failed because it was their intention to replace one or both of the existing parties. That hasn’t happened since 1860 when Republicans replaced the Wig Party as the nation’s second party. Wigs like today’s liberals had gone off the path the constitution prescribes and the principles the public held them accountable to. Today the situation is similar but different in that there are more congress persons to deal with and all sides of political discourse is more readily available.

The framework for a third party is already in place, tea parties and town hall meetings have set the stage for change. The public is demanding change and only a handful of media persons have recognized the public’s demands and are reporting the call for change. The mainstream media for years have determined who won or lost political battles, now they have lost that battle themselves. Internet bloggers now dominates the information highways throughout the country. The internet recognizes the public isn’t as politically stupid as politicians and media persons always though they were. Rather being subject to a single view the public now has the opportunity to see all sides of all issues. Congressional Democrats have taken the position any one or any group who challenges them are somehow the evil ones. Congressional Republicans are sitting on the fence waiting to see which side to swing the other leg over.

Any new political party needs to have the compassion of a Saint Bernard and the tonicity of a Pit Bull in order to counter their rivals who will do their very best to destroy their efforts. The first shots were fired during the Obama McCain campaign last year. The left made the mistake of attacking Sarah Palin thinking she would fold like a cheap suitcase. To the contrary they launched the cataloes for a third party a true conservative was uncorked and once the cork is pulled it never goes back in the bottle the same way.

111th Congressional Democrats have become the nastiest group this nation has seen in generations. They have no regard for public opinions in fact anyone who disagrees with them is maligned as being totally stupid. In the real world anyone who disrespects the boss soon finds themselves looking for a new boss. We are seeing this happening with Congressional Democrats as they try to find a face saving way to explain their resignations.

Congressional Republicans came to a fork in the road and like all politicians they’ve tried to take both paths in an attempt to appease every one of their constituents. All they’ve manage to do is split the party down the center. To include the current congressional Republicans in a new Conservative Party would be like baking cakes with vinegar. The new party would create the same foul taste the Republican Party is experiencing now. This is not to suggest we throw the bums out all at one time, rather one at a time as their terms expire.

What responsibility does the public have in the nation’s political process? Picture this one family in the community is designated to do all the community laundry. This family steals one sock at a time until they have all the socks and the rest of the community has to struggle to obtain more socks. Conservatives do their own laundry and punish the thieves who steal their socks, that’s a layman’s definition of liberalism. If the nation is to avoid future takeovers by devious politicians they must be more vigilant. A third political party would go a long way to creating competition in the election process. Two can be corrupted easier than three, two is an agreement / conspiracy and three is a consensus.

Would a third political party be extreme, perhaps? Quoting the late Senator Barry Goldwater “Extremism in pursuit of freedom is no vice!!” The current political leadership of America is tearing not only the moral fiber but the strength of the constitution. Liberalism’s sold the public on the idea that redistribution of wealth is the right thing to do. I would remind those liberals when the first European settlements were established in the New England colonies everyone was poor, the ambitious and the aggressive survived to prosper the rest were lost somewhere in history.

Don’t discount the advantages of a third political party without weighing all factors. Don’t let poetical rhetoric distract you from the facts. Competition is the fuel that drives most Americans to greatness. The current path congress is perusing will destroy America for generations to come.

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