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January 9, 2010

Intelligence, Armed Forces a Single Team, Say President and Military Chief

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The attack last week on a Central Intelligence Agency outpost in Afghanistan’s Khost Province near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border called attention to the ultimate sacrifice sometimes paid by intelligence and law enforcement personnel engaged in counter terrorism operations.

It’s all about Obama…Mm…Mm..Mm!

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My wife Mary’s eyes glaze over whenever I mention football. “But honey this is about life not football” I promise her. She graciously listens. Three years ago with only a few minutes left in the game, all Tony Romo, quarterback …

Would Barack Obama Last in a Regular Job?

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Barack Obama was elected to the presidency in 2009. Whether you like him or not, we’re all stuck with him for the next three years. If Barack Obama was in a regular job though he probably wouldn’t last more than …

Is Glenn Beck The Great Conservative Hope?

Talk radio and television host Glenn Beck has rocketed up several lists over the past couple years. The first list is the one kept by conservatives and reflects people that they most identify with and who reflect their views. …

Red Kennedys: Honoring Commies in JFK’s name

One of the five artists honored at the Kennedy Center last month was Bruce Springsteen, whose signature tune Born in the U.S.A. describes life in America as basically being like hell without the red pajamas.