Would Barack Obama Last in a Regular Job?

By: Elizabeth Marion

Barack Obama was elected to the presidency in 2009. Whether you like him or not, we’re all stuck with him for the next three years. If Barack Obama was in a regular job though he probably wouldn’t last more than a few weeks. Most employers would not tolerate his dishonesty and irresponsibility.

Try to imagine Barack Obama as an employee at wherever you work. Let’s say he is put in charge of a small but important bit of construction that needs to be done around the building. It is his responsibility to make sure that those under his supervision are doing the job properly and efficiently, and that money for the materials needed be spent wisely. (Can you tell already that this scenario is not going to end well for Obama?)

First Obama needs to gather the materials. He goes to the nearest hardware store, but quickly leaves when he sees the sales signs indicating that he could save plenty of money on the products he needs. He decides instead to go across town to a more expensive store and ends up spending about five times more than what he could have spent. (I’m trying to make this as realistic as possible.)

After spending more money than necessary on the materials he assigns specific tasks to those working on the project. A few, who happen to be his friends, ask to be assigned less work and they are. The others know Obama won’t really care whether they do the work or not. They continually show up late and procrastinate and as a result the project is not finished on time.
Obama’s supervisor, who is on vacation during the project, calls and asks for a report. Obama lies and says there there is a surplus from the money spent on the materials. He also says that the project is completely finished when it’s really only halfway done. Since the supervisor is not there he accepts the report, assuming that it’s true. When he returns he discovers that Obama lied to him about everything. Obama went out of his way to spend more money than was necessary and more money than was available for the project. He also failed to hold those working under him accountable for their actions or make sure they were doing their job. How long to you think it would be before Obama was fired?

Barack Obama has been doing the same things to us, his employers. He is spending money we don’t have. He is lying to us. He is willfully allowing those in his administration to demonize the American people and dodge responsibility for their own actions. There is no reason for us, or any sane employer, who would tolerate this behavior. How many lies will we tolerate before we inform Obama that he is being fired or, in Mr. Obama’s unique position, impeached!

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