Surrendering or Maneuvering

By: William P. Frasca

An unbelievable decision has finally reached an elated reality. This was initiated by two Socialist/Marxist Democratic icons of uselessness, corruption, thievery and ignorance, announcing their intentions of not seeking re-election and deciding to retire The Senators are Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota. These two mummified simple excuses of United States Senators are finally wakening up to the realization that their chances of returning to the Federal cesspool called, The United States Senate are slim to none. Dodd has been abusing his constituents and the American people for almost thirty years. This absolutely gives new meaning to the phrase, and words of “blood sucking leech”, maggot, worm and snake, including any and all pertinent disgraceful despicable sellouts effecting American rights and quality of life.

Hopefully these two will respect and follow through with their decisions and retire quietly, ridding their horses into the sunset, but chances are they will continue to spread unmerciful havoc, with the time they have left. They will eventually approve any and all of President Barack Hussein Obama, “the Chosen One’s” outrageous acts of Socialist agenda, with his constant violations of our United States Constitution, his Oath of Office, America and the American people.

Where were the common sense electorate of these two individuals, who disgracefully elevated these mindless selfish, know it all wimps with no leadership capabilities into office. This obviously doesn’t promote a good intellectual reflection concerning the good citizens of Connecticut and North Dakota, who numerously voted then into office, usually in a landslide. Vote Democratic all the way, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

It seems as though these two political whores have read the hand witting on the wall and decided to salvage whatever shred of decency and dignity they have left by surrendering to the obvious. Hopefully for the sake and survival of the Country they will take refuge in an abandoned cave of empty darkness and never again be given the opportunity to enter public prominence in any capacity.

If you actually think this is a quite an amusing joke, that once a politician retires or if they’re demeanor is so jumbled, confused, disorientated, or illogical; they would have enough sense to leave gracefully, for their good and the good of the Country or in other words, “An individual must know their limitations”, isn’t a political realism.

The perfect examples of this are the counter productive ineptness of vocal ramblings by Senator Robert C. Byrd, of West Virginia, who is (93) years old and has been a United States Senator since January 1959, over 51 years and New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg, who is 86 years old, second only to Byrd. Frank Lautenberg first retired in 2001, realizing that he couldn’t meet all his expectations of his position, after serving in office from December 27, 1982.

The New Jersey Democratic Party was left with no Senatorial candidate after the Robert Torricelli debacle, dug him up from retirement in 2002. He won the General Election and was sworn into his forth term in January 2003 and still to this date, is the United States Senator from New Jersey. He was dazed, confused and disoriented in 2001; just imagine how much he further he slipped into regression in 2010. So don’t think once a politician is defeated, indicted, convicted or retires is permanently excommunicated from public service, on the contrary, some actually even return from their own ashes.

There’s still a little spark of hope for New Jersey, they dumped Socialist Democrat Millionaire Jon Corzine and replaced him with Republican Conservative Chris Christie as their new Governor.

Will Senators Dodd and Dorgan actually retire? That’s the million dollar question? Will others also see the light of day by committing political hara-kiri for their dishonor towards America, their Oath of Office and the American people? Will they finally realize, with good conscience that they are definitely not Above the Law, the Flag or the United States Constitution? Will any of them be offered additional high paying prominent positions, or political favors for their loyalty in following Obama’s Socialist/Marist, freedom robbing radical agenda? Will they just pass the same baton of thievery, hypocrisy, corruption, kickbacks and illogical; Communist ideology, to another political hack, with the same Pied Piper attitude and mentality, following submissively and meekly with the Socialist Party’s trend of obedience?

Will the people accept the same status quo of subservient idiocy and second class acknowledgment concerning their justified demands and legitimate outrage? Or will they finally protest and defeat these self serving puppets by electing true, honest respectable representatives of the people, by the people, and for the people. Individuals who will respect their sacred Oath of Office, instead of pledging allegiance to President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, Nancy Pelosi, “The Incompetent One”, Harry Reid, “The Incoherent One” and the National Socialist Marxist Democratic Communist Party of America.

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