Conservatives Can Make The Difference

By: Ken Hughes

Conservatives don’t need a majority in congress to make a difference. A new conservative movement electing candidates to congress wouldn’t need more than 10 % to have their voices heard, however they would need an independent commitment. Electing 10 % to each of the houses of congress in this year’s election [2010] would suffice to bring sanity back to the legislative process and hold the president and congress accountable for campaign promises providing those elected could remain independent. One of the problems with elected politicians is the perks often outweigh their public trust. When threats to withhold or grant special favors based on a vote perks to a congresses persons district is at stake it’s difficult to say no when a leader or the president make a request. In order to alleviate this practice congress needs to adhere to the restriction of the powers granted the federal government that were written in the tenth amendment to the constitution. The first seven articles in the constitution specifically define the responsibilities and the limitations on all elected persons, one elective one vote. No horse trading and no political party dominating another while discussing legislation that affects the nation. True democracy is being able to compromise to a consensus of the majority’s opinion.

Many political pundits from both parties have a lot of negatives for Tea Parties and Town Hall meetings. Looking back into the history of Europeans in America from 1620 to the American Revolution the first governing bodies were town hall meetings where participants voices were heard. Town hall meeting established the concept “by the people for the people of the people”. That wasn’t some brilliant epiphany of the Centennial Congress. We the people set the tone for the American Revolution and it has guided America for the past 234 years. The founding fathers did their best to establish equity in the new American government and still leave room for improvement. That is a very large task considering there had never been a government of the people before. That’s why the first amendment to the constitution guarantees the people the right to peaceable assemble and address any and all grievances. [Ergo] when it is presumed congress is failing the people public assembly is the only recourse to address perceived grievances.

The twenty-first century is the beginning of the information age where every person has the ability to express their views via the Internet. In the past only a limited number of people were allowed to have a voice in the politics of the nation. The last half of the twentieth century opened the doors of technology the twenty-first century is inviting the public in. Information / knowledge is the fuel that inspires men to greatness. Educated men and women can’t be oppressed or controlled for long. In America it’s up to the people to determine the greater good and how national recourses are to be distributed not a self-anointed body of do-gooders without accountability. Congress and the president serve at the pleasure of we the people, when that service become self-serving it’s time to bring in the big guns and now that would be a third party to counter those things we the people don’t agree with. Our current political party leaders are to like minded to adequately represent all the people.

Attacking a sitting president and a sitting congress is an exorcize in futility. Every two, four and six years diligent voters have an opportunity to correct what they see wrong in their elected officials. Not all voters are diligent, not all voters are informed or care to be, it’s the price we pay for the freedom we enjoy. America has always been an experiment in the limitations and the guarantees of freedom. The constitution guarantees everyone equal opportunity but doesn’t come with instructions how to assemble those opportunities. Political freedom is a lot unlike Gods prophecies they’re short to the point and leave the interpretations for man to figure out.

For all the negative rhetoric about Tea Party movements and Town Hall protests they are more American than apple pie, they’ve been around in one form or another since 1620. Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are burned into the American physic and they can’t be taken from us. Its Americas freedoms that make us the envy of the world America is one of the very few places on this earth where authorities must say please when questioning anyone. A third political party will go a long way toward guaranteeing what is slipping away from us with the restrictive legislation we are seeing the 111th congress restrict public freedoms in the name of the greater good will be brought under control.

A third party with the intentions of replacing one of the existing parties would be counter productive and destined for failure. A third party organized to work on replacing over zealous liberal congress persons a few at a time has a very good chance of succeeding. Politics has become an addiction with those who practice the art the only cure is at the ballot box. We the people still hold the future of every politician in our hands should we chose to exorcise that privilege. There are a number of movements afoot to replace several congress persons who the voters feel have failed in their responsibilities to the public. That will be a significant start only if their replacements are vetted and the public is aware of their political leanings. Replacing one zealot with another would be counter productive. Voters need to understand they have a vested interest in cleaning up congress and getting this government back on the track the constitution requires.

For those who say it can’t be done may I suggest you not get involved? For those who know it can be done I say go for it, make a third party a reality for 2010 and 2012. Once more let’s become what the founding fathers gave us, a nation of the people by the people for the people. All it takes is a few minutes every two years to keep this great nation the land of the free.

The old congressional power grid seems to be melting away before the 2010 elections, That doesn’t mean ether party has the advantage it simply means all congress persons move up a few rungs on the ladder toward the top and new blood is admitted at the bottom, positive moves all.

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