How Obama is Fighting the War

By: Elizabeth Marion

President Obama admitted in a speech last week that we are at war with Al Qaeda. He certainly has an interesting way of fighting a war. I highly doubt Al Qaeda, or any other enemy of America, will be intimidated by how much he’s helping them.

Even if Al Qaeda does not consider Obama’s actions helpful, he certainly is not fighting this war very hard. Our enemies are being treated like common criminals instead of enemies of the country. And they’re being given privileges above most American citizens in some cases. Individuals involved in acts of terror are being given all the Constitutional rights of American citizenship in civilian courts. Some individuals are even being given this treatment when they were captured on the battlefield in foreign countries. It’s bad enough to send that kind of messages to people who simply want to enter our country illegally for a chance at a better life, but why in the world are we sending that message to our enemies? This administration is practically inviting Al Qaeda to come over and attack us, and at the same time claiming to fight a war. If we want to win this war we need to stop acting as if we want them to come over and attack us. I won’t believe for a minute that Al Qaeda terrorists are shaking in their sandals as we continue to threaten them with Constitutional rights and civilian trials. Giving the full rights of American citizenship to enemies of the country who want to destroy us makes no sense and it is no way to fight a war. We are not giving our enemies something to be afraid of. We are only making ourselves a more attractive target.

The leaders of our government are also hurting us everyday by making it more and more obvious to the American people and to the world that they do not know how to handle this threat. They put our enemies in civilian court and can’t even explain the benefits of such actions. They do not respond quickly enough to threats because they would rather finish their vacations. Many are unwilling to call Islamic terrorists what they are because of political correctness. And the first response to the failed Christmas Day attack was to increase airport security and make it more invasive and frustrating for American citizens. The first question asked should have been how to defeat Al Qaeda and fight them on their battlefield instead of how to create more of a hassle for Americans. Many have called for the firing of Homeland Security’s Janet Napalitano because of her comments shortly after the failed Christmas Day attack. The comments were not well thought through, but she should have been let go months ago anyway. She released a report warning about people with right-wing views based solely on liberal rhetoric from the internet. She’s also supposed to be fighting terrorism when she prefers to call terrorists acts “man caused disasters”. Our head of Homeland Security should be far less politically correct and should never use their power to try to create a fear of a certain group simply because of bias. Like most others currently holding positions of power in our government she is not capable of handling the job and not held to a very high standard of ethics and accountability.

Terrorists are not intimidated by political correctness. Terrorists are not intimidated by leaders who are willing to give them full Constitutional rights and try them in civilian courtrooms. This administration cannot fight this war by acting like they want to lose.

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