Did The Kennedy Dynasty Die With Teddy

By: Ken Hughes

Has Camelot faded into history? Did the Kennedy dynasty go with Teddy, which seems to be the case? The polls in Massachusetts seem to indicate the Kennedy name doesn’t have the same influence it had only a few months ago. Sometimes there’s a fine line between popularity and nostalgia.

A lot of people may not be aware of this. Massachusetts had a Republican Senator in the last half of the 20th century. Senator Edward Brook a Republican served from 1967 to 1979 he was succeeded by Paul Tsongas [D] from 1979 to 1985 then was succeeded by John Kerry [LD] who is now the senior senator from Massachusetts. In passing it may interest some to know Edward Brook was an African American and a Republican.

It’s safe to say the Kennedy influence on national politics is over. The last of the four Kennedy brothers is gone. I think it’s safe to say each in his own way had an influence on this nation. Not all good and not all bad, perhaps in the eyes of God they were mere mortals no better no worse than any average Republican. The brother’s indiscretions no doubt will be forgiven their accomplishment will not soon be forgotten.

The nail biting is over now its time for the candidate’s handlers to either bask in their success or assign blame. The media pundits will spend hours, days and weeks using all the modern technologies know to man assessing pro and con why what happened, happened. The voters can tell them what they want to happen and why it should happen in a very few words, Change Back. The public wanted change and believed in Obama’s message of restructuring Washington politics to better represent the American people. Obama’s staff and cabinet represent the same old Washington. As before the only thing that’s changed are the lies and the meanings behind the lies.

Scott Brown has won a seat in the United States Senate. There’s an old fable I’d like to paraphrase. Benjamin Franklin upon signing the declaration of independence was asked, Mr. Franklin what have you given us. His reply was a republic madam if you can keep it Now it’s time to ask Senator Brown what will you give us, let’s hope it’s a free political process and show the voters they can keep it. I’ve been calling for a new group of congress persons free of party influences who would be elected free of the corruption found in Washington. Let’s hope and pray Scott Brown is the first of many to come.

Sarah Palin cleaned up the notorious CBC [corrupt bastards club] that ruled Alaskan Politics for years. Senator Scott Brown like Sarah Palin is someone you could expect to find in their home town coffee shop on a Saturday morning. It’s time to send elitists politicians back to where they came from. It’s time to elect Tea Partiers, Town Hall’s and just plain talking citizens who don’t need 4,000 pages of legislation to make their point. Can Scott Brown create enough interest in his unique standing being the only non Democratic senator serving Massachusetts in over 30 years? Let’s pray a new brand of conservatism rise up like the Phoenix from the ashes of corrupt politics.

The key issues for Scott Brown are abortion and the public option whatever that is. These issues all present more questions than they resolve. This morning my friend Mark Hammond asks a question I hadn’t heard before. If a woman chooses to have an abortion killing the fetus is perfectly legal. If a man kills a pregnant woman he’s not only charged with killing the woman but the fetus as well. How can one be a double homicide and the other be a woman’s right to chose? In my opinion there is entirely too much hostility in congress effecting issues that should never be political and not nearly enough common courtesy. A free press / media is essential for a free society to function. A free media isn’t necessarily a hostile media. The objectivity of many media persons has diminished to the point they are being pundits with opinions. The media is no longer asking questions men like Mark Hammond ask. [E]rgo the media isn’t doing what they were commissioned to do

The selection of Republican / Independent Scott Brown is going to be a wakeup call for Washington politicians on both sides of the isle. Let’s hope congress doesn’t hit the snooze button and sleep through the whole experience. Voters across Massachusetts sans political affiliations sent a message to America Yes you can make a difference. Scott Brown is the candidate selected by the voters and not the party. The Massachusetts Republican Party
isn’t large enough to make a good thanksgiving dinner party. Scott Brown won this election on his own merits. The election of Scott Brown was a referendum on eastern elitism in favor of the democratic processes something that’s been lost in recent years.

Tonight Washington belongs to Scott Brown and his old pickup truck let’s pray he doesn’t screw it up. Lord please give Senator Brown the courage to stand tall enough to tell the Washingtonians to go pleasure themselves.

One independent conservative elected forty-nine more to go

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