Good For the Bay State

By: Craig Chamberlain

I’m going to say something that I never thought I would hear myself say: “hooray for Massachusetts!” This is because, truth be told, I’ve never been too sold on the place. I’ve always seen it as the beating black heart of liberalism, the capital of the evil empire that makes up American Progressivism. They spread their left wing politics throughout New England, a region that used to be solidly Republican. Usually they embrace every left wing, anti American idea that comes down the pike, it looked to me that the last good politician to come out of Massachusetts was Fisher Ames, and he died in 1808. Then the ultimate black mark against them, they’re Red Sox fans.

But yesterday something I never believed would happen in my lifetime happened. Massachusetts elected a Republican to the United States Senate. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Martha Coakley was ahead by thirty points, and this was the “Kennedy Seat” though the left was never able to point to the clause in the constitution that made the Senate seat the sole property of the Kennedy family. It was just impossible that a little known Republican, in the most liberal state in the entire country, could take on the entire Democratic machine, President Obama(in a state he won by 26 points) and a liberal populace. Yet it still happened. Scott Brown, who was mocked for driving a pick up truck, Scott Brown, who was written off the minute the race began, won.

It’s amusing today to watch the Democrats trying to do damage control, to spin this all away. Coakley ran a weak campaign is one common argument. And that’s true it’s almost as if she were doing everything in her power to lose. Still it’s no excuse, especially when you have a 3:1 voter registration advantage. Another excuse, and this one is always my favorite, is that they just failed to get their message out to the voters. The voters, you see, were ignorant of what the Democrats stood for. It’s a common lie told by the media, the Republicans can only win when they libel and smear the Democrats or when Democrats just don’t tell the voters what they’re all about. The truth, is the exact opposite. Republicans win when they run as conservatives, it’s when they run away from conservative ideals that they suffer at the polls. Democrats only ever have a chance(in most places) when they obscure who they are, and lie about what they are going to do.

The voters of Massachusetts knew quite well who Martha Coakley was and what she stood for. Her message was loud and clear. She was part of the Democratic machine, she would go to Washington, if elected, and support a wildly unpopular health care bill, back cap and trade, support the Presidents soft approach on terrorism, and support all those vile backroom deals to buy off the unions, Senator Nelson, and Senator Landrieu. No, the people got her message loud and clear and didn’t want anything to do with it. When you can’t sell Massachusetts on universal health care you know it’s bad. Yet somehow liberals, like the ever clueless Juan Williams, insist that the product is fine, it’s the packaging that’s wrong. Public support is actually strong and all the Democrats need to do is push ahead. Tell that to Martha Coakley.

But push ahead they will. The Democrats are desperate, and that makes them especially dangerous right now. They’ve been trying for 60 years to bring health care under government control and the thought of being thwarted by a defeat in Massachusetts, of all places, infuriates them. There’s talk of delaying the certification of the results so Senator Brown won’t be there to vote, and there’s talk of changing the rules in the Senate to eliminate the filibuster and pass this with 51 votes. Congressman Weiner(D-NY) and Congressman Frank(D-MA) are urging Harry Reid to do just that.

So it remains to be seen if this election stops health care reform or not. I never put anything past the Democratic party, and we shouldn’t put it past them to change the rules in the middle of the game to make sure they win. But even if the election last night doesn’t effect the health care debate it is definitely a sign of things to come.

Any Democrat who believes that a Republican win in MASSACHUSETTS is an isolated case and not bad news for Democrats everywhere is deluding himself. The elections later this year should be a massacre of Democrats. Passing health care, especially by changing the rules, will only what is going to be a bad election anyway much worse. Blanche Lincoln, Harry Reid, and Evan Bayh must be very worried right now.

So let’s hope that the Scott Brown victory will be able to put an end to the health care debate, once and for all. But no matter what happens, here’s three cheers for the state of Massachusetts for sending a message to Washington.

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