Russian Roulette

By: William P. Frasca

President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One, has obviously compromised our National Security. His subservient expressions of being a contented humanitarian to all of America’s evil aggressors have been a progressive sign of weakness. All our potential and existing enemies throughout the world are licking their chops, waiting to prey on our self imposed weaknesses in safeguarding our fortifications. He has made our Country into a humiliating whipping post to all the brutal, animalistic fanatical losers enlisted into the terrorist sphere of intimidation.

This is evident with the past apprehension of Nigerian, Umar Farouk Abdulmutall. This December, less than a year into his Administration, has proven that we are not prepared for these innovated hazards. When a known terrorist, who was on the national security, “Watch List” was still able to board a plane out of Detroit, hiding a bomb in his pants with the only thing between himself and the senseless elimination and mass destruction of innocence was a faulty detonation of his diaper bomb. This is unquestionably a disheartening disgraceful display in American intelligence.

To make matters worse, the amazingly dazed and confused, Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, comically, but sadly stated with a robust air of simplistic imbecilic grandeur “that the system worked” Unfortunately she is not the only unique selection of incompetence appointed by our leader and President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” His Administration is crawling with all those creations who could only be employed by the Government, where total incompetence is rewarded and absolutely no one is responsible for their own actions, words or deeds.

President George W. Bush kept America safe for over seven years. His Administration was relentless in eliminating the present day threat that has resurfaced, by the failed policies of the Obama Administration. Didn’t Obama ever read American history? Didn’t President Barack Hussein Obama, The Chosen one ever heard this expression? “If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it”.

He’s supposed to be an intelligent man, in fact, we are constantly being told this by the Socialist Democrats of his party, which is understandably debatable, because their intelligences are also very doubtful and definitely in question. The perfect examples are their failed scruples, limited freedoms, Marxist policies, instability and their past mounted failures to lead. The end always justifies the means, even if it is a lesson in stupidity, reverse discrimination, total economic and social breakdown and collapse. There’s another phrase, “birds of the same feather, flock together”. This also follows the trend of intelligence.

The perfect symbol of a period in American history with increasing ineffectiveness and clumsiness was Jimmy Carter, “The Clueless Submissive One’s” substandard Administration. This would definitely offer clear evidences that “passive resistance” doesn’t work, when it comes to terrorism.

How soon we all developed a slight case of amnesia, during his failed Administration, when the Iranian revolutionaries’ overthrew our American Embassy, which had the protection of International law, as do all Embassies. It was viciously and maliciously attacked, without any provocation, taken over, and unlawfully held all American citizens hostage, civilian and military by imprisoning them, with certain cases of torture, without do process for (444) days. They were only freed when President Ronald Reagan, our last Conservative President was sworn into Office on his
Inauguration Day.

Obama has tied all law enforcements hands relating to their proactive abilities to shield our precious Country. The people, of the United States of America are held captive by an Administration restraining our capabilities to initiate full aggressive tactical procedures relating to our scared right to an unanswerable process of self defense.

Present day enforcement operatives are failing to give each other pertinent information, concerning individuals of great and grave concern, which are considered violent and terrorist in nature. This essential glitch was corrected after 911, by “W” but has now been resurrected and left to the total mercy of our President, Barack Hussein Obama, The Chosen One’s Administration, with Eric Holder leading the pack, God Help Us.

They gave them Miranda rights and a lawyer, treated them all as everyday common criminals. They are mindless, brain washed enemy combatants of war. They want to destroy America and its people in every way, shape, or form, using all possible destructive devices to fearfully submit us to their terrorist demands of overthrowing our survival. They are despicable savages and only deserve a Military tribunal.

Obama doesn’t understand that they use our balanced form of justice against us, degrading and abusing our judiciary system. He definitely practices and believes what he preaches. His persistence in downgrading the War on Terror to a criminal investigation will continue, even if God Forbid these attacks will continue or increase. His priorities are all totally inept. He cares more for the terrorist rights than the Country he was sworn to protect, from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Unfortunately, under this Administration, traveling anytime, anyplace, will leave us all in a terrifying position of playing Russian roulette with our lives.

Stand tall America, legally defend yourself, hold their feet to the fire, question, protest, always fight the good fight and never surrender, especially when your right to a free and safe existence are compromised.

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