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January 24, 2010

Chump “Change”

By J. Matt Barber

So much for that whole “hopey-changey” thing; cute while it lasted, but the American people – like Bernie Madoff investors – now realize they’ve been duped. “Change” for the mere sake of change is simply chump change.

The People’s Seat

Filed under: Elections & Voting - 24 Jan 2010

By: Matt Smith

The shot heard ‘round the world’ has now come from Massachusetts twice. Two weeks ago very few people were talking about the special election in Massachusetts. Conventional wisdom had taken over that the Bay State would remain blue …

“Underwear Bomber” Case Mishandled by White House, Says Intel Chief

Hearings before the U.S. Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee today revealed that the nation’s top intelligence officer, the Homeland Security secretary and the CIA chief were not consulted by the White House after the capture of the so-called …