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January 25, 2010

A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry

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By: Peary Perry

The Democratic Wagon Train lurches to a sudden stop …

It was widely reported that the snow on the roof of the White House mysteriously melted late Tuesday evening. Experts theorize that a possible internal (inside the structure) warming trend was the suspected cause of this phenomenon. White House officials refused to make any comment or suggestions as to what might have happened.

How the West Was Saved

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These are just random thoughts concerning the past few months inside and outside the Beltway.

1) Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins appear to be searching madly for a reason to go all wishy-washy liberal again. On the other hand, you …

Napolitano: U.S. Knew “Underwear Bomber” Was an Extremist

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U.S. Senators during their Homeland Security Committee hearings heard testimony by the country’s upper-echelon law enforcement and anti-terrorism officials — including FBI director Robert Mueller, National Counterterrorism Center director Michael Leiter, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair, and Homeland Security …

Say It Loud – I’m Conservative and I’m Proud!

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In 1968, James Brown released his song, “Say It Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud.” The cruelest and saddest effect of slavery and racism in America is that it caused us blacks to hate ourselves. When I was a …