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January 26, 2010

This Has Been Obama’s Worst Week

Filed under: In The News,Politics In General - 26 Jan 2010

The week of January 17th 2010 has to be the worst week of the Obama presidency. That is the week the voters turned on Obama’s plans for socialization of America. The voters of Massachusetts said no to the Obama health …

Obama Orders Terrorists Transferred from Gitmo to Algeria in Spite of Dangers

Filed under: War On Terror,What The F@#K?!? - 26 Jan 2010

In the midst of a busy news cycle, President Barack Obama and his minions “pulled a fast one” on the American people. The U.S. Department of Justice has confirmed that two Algerian detainees, Hasan Zemiri and Adil Hadi al …

Beyond Brown the Second Round

In the recent Massachusetts election Republican Scott Brown confounded the purveyors of conventional wisdom and caused a magnitude 10 earthquake in the political world by liberating the Kennedy Senate Fiefdom from the grip of the Democrat machine. To the …