This Has Been Obama’s Worst Week

By: Ken Hughes

The week of January 17th 2010 has to be the worst week of the Obama presidency. That is the week the voters turned on Obama’s plans for socialization of America. The voters of Massachusetts said no to the Obama health care plan, to cap and trade and to the nationalization of the banking system by electing an independent Republican to fill a seat in the United States Senate that had been held by a Democrat for forty years. The magic 60 seat majority went up in smoke and what arose from the ashes was true beginnings of democracy as the founding fathers planned it, one congressman one unencumbered vote.

For the past year all opposition to the Obama doctrine has been met with scorn and ridicule. When the public spoke of personal freedoms like they would a beautiful rose all the Obama followers saw were the thorns. Descent of the leadership is something not allowed in Obama’s liberal circles. In Obama’s world there is but one master and one ideology and even when that ideology isn’t clearly articulated it’s still the law of the movement. Obama with all his failures this past year still sees himself as the Messiah sent by Allah to save the infidels from themselves. If this sounds harsh it isn’t the public still has no idea of what Obama’s religious affiliations and beliefs are all we can do is speculate.

Obama was dealt a second blow this week when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of free speech for all. The unconstitutional McCain / Feingold law restricting political descent was struck down by the court. The court ruled if one group [The Media] had a right to express opinions all groups had that same rights. This ruling does more harm to Democrats than Republicans. With this ruling the main stream media will no longer have a monopoly on what is reviled and what’s buried on page 17 of a 16 page newspaper. The main stream media has been hemorrhaging from lack of credibility this past year. If they are to survive they must remove their current CEO Barack Obama and find a Roger Ailes [Fox News] sound alike / act alike to replace him. When most traditional news originations across this country are loosening followers News Corp the parent company of the Fox News organization is growing by leaps. The organization Obama say isn’t news leads its rival competitors by several million viewers daily. That’s not by accident its giving the people what they want the truth.

How can we curtail the ambitions of an out of control president? The more Scott Browns and Sarah Palins, these are people who are not eastern elitists and can speak in a dialect the county understands they have the advantage. Obama blew any chances Coakley had when he mocked Scott Brown’s Pickup truck. There a lot more voters driving Pickup trucks than there are riding around in chauffeured SUVs’ and Corporate Jets. Obama said anyone can afford to drive a pick up what he didn’t say was there is only one who can ride around in the world’s most expensive airplane. Change can / will come in November 2010. The voters have been awakened to an alternative to the current two party monopolies in Washington. Non-affiliated no name party candidates vying for seats in congress can and will make the difference. A 10% shift to the center would bring congress back in line with the meaning of the constitution.

Obama’s come to a fork in the road, one leads to a constitutional style government where everyone has a right to participate the other leads to socialism. Going down the right road he may survive on the other he won’t. For team Obama to spin the losses in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia as anything other than a rejection of the Obama agenda is the road in the wrong direction. Never in the history of the nation have elected officials had the audacity to berate the public who disagreed with them. Using terms like un-American and racist are totally unacceptable. Suggesting those people who peacefully assemble to discuss issues are acting against the law is ludicrous. In this past year the president and congress have walked all over the constitution and nothing was done to stop them. When the court don’t act the people will, the last voice heard when the polls close will be that of the people.

The political stability of a two party system has been broken for a long time, When one party has the majority of the votes in either house of congress they tend to lord it over the minority. Rules are implemented giving more power to the party than the individual. This is a reason there should be a third independent group to block a majority from overdoing things.

When the tough times come rather than government promising more they should be willing to tax and spend less. A Government can only spend what they take from its citizens. The government can’t tax and spend the population into prosperity it’s like trying to create perpetual motion. The federal government is one of the few entities not tied to the cost of living index. It’s as though Washington is walled off from the realities facing the nation. The administration and congress can’t continue to blame Bush for their mishandling of the economy and expect to maintain credibility with the American people.

President Obama has nine months to do a turnaround from his socialist agenda back to a constitutional agenda if he expects to regain any respect from the people. All the polls tell us there are more conservatives and independents than liberals in this country. For as often as these polls are published one would think these facts would gain the attention of someone in the Whitehouse at some point.

The next few weeks will determine the agenda for the Obama administration and congress. Listen well it isn’t more repackaged and polished political hog wash their trying to sell. This week Obama will make a state of the union speech to try to explain why the American People aren’t buying his agenda. My guess his speech will have more butts then a Miami Beach Titty Bar.

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