Conceited Mentality

By: William P. Frasca

The Socialist Marxist Democratic ideology is plain and simple; an individual doesn’t need a doctrine in Psychology or to be a rocket scientist from NASA to evaluate the uncomplicated mentality and philosophical ideas and demands of the Socialist Democratic Marxist Party. They necessitate that everyone adheres to their sarcastic viewpoints of dominate illogical deviant behavior.

Their condescending attitude towards anyone who administers a minuscule question of protest against their authority is considered an uncompassionate demon, with idiotic, racist, bigotry tendencies of intolerance. These mindless unwarranted repetitious accusations of disgust are becoming an overwhelming chore in civility. They have been getting away with this nonsense for years. It time that the free voices of the American people silence their fictitious, deceitful oratory acts of foul putrid rubbish.

The continued examples are the high and mighty smug superiority of our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Princess Nancy Pelosi, “the incompetent one” and Senate Majority Leader, Prince Harry Reid, “the incoherent one”, together with a whole wide range of imbecilic mindless spin doctors, and Czars that follow the same path of enslaving our society into lifetime of monotonous mechanical robotic servitude, serving an egotistical vain big headed, pig headed, self worshiping corrupt government.

Even though these past elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, together with a positive ruling on campaign finances, by the United Stales Supreme Court offering pertinent solid victories for the free, over taxed, paying citizens of this Great Country, definitely preserved their indefinite quest to remain free. We must never relinquish our defenses. Remember a good defense is a legally strong offensive attack.

These resent Socialist Democratic Marxist loses of, by and for the people are exclusive rejections of all their self imposed lunatic Socialistic proposals. Unfortunately, led by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” they refuse to acknowledge their misguided tendencies of habitual foolish beliefs, in other simple layman terms, they still don’t get it.

They constantly and continually sell their rhetoric with insulting comments towards the American people, which escalates their lack of class, reducing confidence, trust, and respect. They labeled all who opposed them by voicing their opinions, by using their right of free speech and powers of protest, by sarcastically calling them violent mindless demonstrators, Hitler, prejudice, racist, bigoted and the most disgusting, revolting, sickening, ghastly brand of insult, tea baggers.

These brainless undignified comments must be either so well rehearsed, or simply demonstrates their lack of decency, dignity and intelligence. This also shows their true colors of potential hostility.

Where’s the originality? Where’s the substance? Where are the facts to support their arguments? Comparing someone to Adolph Hitler is an old scenario. Accusing anyone of being racist just because he or she doesn’t agree with “The Chosen One”, Barack Hussein Obama is plain and stupid nonsense. Still they repeat the same old empty headed gibberish

Are we required to follow “The Chosen One” all the way to the grave just to prove our sincerity to the so-called minority community? I don’t think so. The last time I looked, each one of us has a unique individual free thought process, capable of determining right from wrong. We don’t need any particular person or group etching a guilt trip into our brains of all past atrocities, which were committed years before our birth, as though we were directly responsible for these actions. Enough is enough. The past is the past and the present is the present, give it a rest. They use the battlefield strategy of trying to divide and conquer their opponents.

The Socialist Marxist Democrats actually believe that they are the center of the universe, by relentlessly increasing the hypocritical spin relating to a person with such an overconfident inflated ego, who is wrapped up in their own importance. They consider only those who they select, to be worthy candidate in granting all Constitutional rights and freedoms, as long as it meets with their twisted scheme of power, authority and control. Thievery, betrayal and corruption are tolerated by them, but apologies, indictments, convictions censorships, and punishments for all those who oppose them are mandatory.

Full government control of any potential Socialist program is an abomination. The good citizens of this great Country must fully understand that this is not only our future that is at stake, but the future and lives of our children, if we rely solely on these incompetent professional bureaucratic heathens.

The unreasonable and self centered know-it-alls, with Socialistic morals and Robin Hood intentions try to demand and impose their so-called inept righteous principles on us all. They firmly believe, in their own minds that they are the only true leaders and they have exclusive ownership on what’s best for the Country and for us all. They firmly believe that we’re too ignorant and stupid to make any decisions to steer our own course in destiny. We the people of the United States have been constantly taken advantage of and unmercifully abused by a disrespectful government full of arrogance and misrepresentation.

The trust factor in forming an honest relationship has obviously been broken. Most of them truthfully admitted that they approve bills into laws without even reading them, this is a disgrace? Congress has proven to be self serving, with continued falsification of leadership escalating in lies, corruption and mistrust. The whipping post and bulls eye target of their ineffectiveness is unfortunately extended towards their constituents. Their incompetence grows like a nail fungus which eats away at our lives, affecting all our God given, Constitutional liberties.

Don’t let these few victories initiate complacency. We must always keep our eyes on the prize, the struggle continues. Chances are they will live up to their hideous reputations by lying, cheating and corrupting the process to achieve their final ultimate goal of a complete Democratic Marxist Socialist society with limited silenced freedoms.

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