Oh, so Now Obama Wants to Save Money

By: Craig Chamberlain

With his agenda lying in tatters, President Obama has indeed decided to pivot. He hasn’t given up his obsession to pass his left wing agenda, he still wants to pass his socialized health care plan, still wants to impose cap and trade, and pull the country to the left. The only problem is this country of ignorant hillbillies won’t let him. At least that’s the theory held by Democrats, and their propagandists in the media. We’re all just too stupid to appreciate what the savior, and his round table of geniuses are trying to do for us.

So President Obama now believes that he can fool the yokels. All he needs to do is pick up a pitchfork and a torch and he’ll blend right in to the people that are against his policies. It’s a typical leftist fantasy. All they’re doing, you see, is trying to make the country a better, more enlightened, place. And all that’s stopping these benevolent agents of enlightenment, is the bible thumping, knuckle dragging, simpletons(that would be us conservatives) who actually insist that an arcane document like the constitution be adhered to.

So the Dear Leader thinks he can fool us if he just adopts our way of talking. You see, we’re all so stupid that we will believe anyone who talks about limiting government, and spending less. President Obama has announced a spending freeze, and we’re all supposed to spontaneously run into the streets and give three cheers for the President. Here’s the problem, the hicks aren’t fooled.

When you actually look at the proposed spending freeze(a proposal that’s already sending the left wing of the Democratic party into a frenzy) you see that there really isn’t a lot there. Most of the money that’s being wasted is not subject to the spending freeze. The four biggest expenditures of the federal government are, in order, Medicare/Medicaid, National Defense, Social Security, and interest on the debt. None of these are subject to the spending freeze. And to be truthful it’s easy to see why. If you halt Social Security or Medicare payments you lose senior citizens, oh wait he’s already lost them with his health care plans. You can’t leave our troops high and dry with no equipment. We’re not even paying our debts, we’re just making the minimum payments on the interest.

So everything else is going to be frozen, right? Well, not exactly. You see that 787 billion dollar pork laden stimulus isn’t subjected to any freeze either. Instead of really saving money by cancelling a stimulus bill that clearly isn’t working, and giving the money back. Now there’s an idea. Getting rid of the stimulus would be a major step in saving money. And instead of freezing spending the President should call for spending cuts across the board, in everything except national defense. There’s another way to save money. Here’s another way to save money, stop raising the debt ceiling. Call it simplistic but the less the government spends the less it is going to waste.

But none of that is going to happen. President Obama doesn’t want to save money. He wants to become popular with the voters again. One of the liberal articles of faith is that it’s the governments money. After all, they’re smarter than we are, so it’s obvious that they know how to spend the money better than we do.

Let’s not forget that President Obama is a leftist, and as such is determined to make as many people as possible dependent on the government. That means he needs as much taxpayer money as he can get his hands on. No, the real Obama plan has nothing to do with saving money.

It’s all about accounting tricks, the right rhetoric, and meaningless gestures. In fact, we should be looking for spending to increase, our debt to go up right along with our tax burden. Freezing a few selected items on the budget is not the way to rein in a debt that threatens to cripple the nation. Serious measures would need to be enacted, measures that President Obama has no stomach for because he would be repudiating his own agenda by really calling for less spending.

President Obama hasn’t changed, he will call for more entitlements, more spending. The voters should not, and will not be fooled by his spending freeze proposal, which is akin to putting a band aid on a man who has been thrown through the windshield of his car. The Republicans in Congress, and the people, should demand more than just a cosmetic solution. They should demand real changes. The voters have shown that their patience is wearing thin, and they’re not going to tolerate much more. When you start electing Republicans in Massachusetts, you know the voters have had it. The voters will have to send a message in November if President Obama doesn’t start acting like the President of the United States instead of the head of the DNC.

President Obama, if he wants to show real leadership, will go much further than a useless spending freeze, will stand up to the radical element of his party, listen to the people, work with the GOP and come up with some real solutions. But who are we kidding? This is President Obama we’re talking about here. There isn’t a single bipartisan instinct in his entire being. He will do nothing that will really work and the country as a whole will suffer.

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