Has Obama Pushed Democrats Up To The Edge

By: Ken Hughes

There are estimates that as many as ten percent of congressional Democrats will not stand for reelection in November. That and the number that will lose to Republicans would be enough to put the GOP back in the majority in both houses of congress, or maybe not. There could be a three way split if enough independents [Tea Party] candidates win seats in congress preventing a majority of either party. All it would take is ten percent independent thinking candidates comprised of Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party Independents to bring a truly equal balance to the congressional legislative process.

Barack Obama in his zeal to create the image of himself as the fifth presidential likeness on Mount Rushmore has gone overboard to the regret of the majority of his party. Aside from John F. Kennedy Barack Obama may have been the most popular presidential candidate in the latter half of the 20th century. In his first year as president he has gone from the top of the pedestal to balancing on the rim of the toilet bowl. Every president comes to the office with what they consider the ultimate agenda for the betterment of the country. It usually doesn’t take long for them to realize the majority of the country is perfectly content with things as they are. The media fans the flames of discontent and those with nothing better to do parade with banners and protest, often when even they don’t understand what their protest is all about.

Obama is about to make his State of the Union address, there’s little question it will be socialist light and centrist heavy given recent events. The question is can the public believe him given all the campaign promises he’s broken. Breaking promises doesn’t seem to be a problem for Obama. It seems to Obama a lie is only a lie when you’re caught and can’t get out of it. May I suggest to everyone watching, listen for the pauses and watch the head movement from side to side, teleprompter to teleprompter if they seem choreographed he’s lying Obama’s speaking techniques are as predictable as John Wayne’s swagger. Obama’s technique is an art meant to mesmerize his audiences. When people look behind the curtains and see the real Obama only then does he come out from behind the façade and try to explain away those perceived idiosyncrasies.

To the unsophisticated political observer Obama is the master of his trade. For those who wish to pass personal responsibility on to a government bureaucracy Obama is the man. He was born into a welfare environment and has never moved beyond that mentality. This is obvious the way Obama is quick to point the finger at someone else when thing go wrong. This is another indication of Obama’s lack of sincerity when discussing things gone wrong in his first year in office. “George Bush Did It” will be a large part of his speech. Barack Obama will not allow that self proclaimed B plus to drop down to a B or C minus even though most of the public has Obama in the D and F range. Ego and self-aggrandizement are sure signs of someone who really isn’t confident in their personal abilities. that’s not from the writings of Sigmund Freud it comes from years of observation.

Speaking of personal observations, this is a problem for liberals / politicians / bureaucrats once they enter the confines of the greater Washington metropolitan area they automatically assume an air of intellectual superiority. Flyover America knows better we know equality in all respects spreads over this nation like grandmas lap blanket. We remember when all those people were our neighbors and some were ever our friends. Many of the people involved in government once there forget it’s a service not a royal anointment.

I’m tempted to wait until after Obama’s State f the Union address to finish this article. That would be the traditional way a pseudo commentator would do this. I think I’ll be non-traditional and let those watching / listening to the president make up their own minds. I have faith after the events in Massachusetts / New Jersey and Virginia people are awake and paying attention to what’s going on in Washington. By now both the president and congress are aware they’re specimens in a Petri dish. By now they should know they’re being figuratively dissected and examined piece by piece. Those things the public finds offensive will not stand and will be discarded as will their sponsors.

2010 is going to be the year politics as usual will end up in a land fill along with the rest of the nation’s garbage. There’s a good possibility a number of congress persons both Republican and Democrats will be resting along side of politics as usual. It’s one thing for politicians to pat voters on the back, but slapping them on the back of the head with one hand and have the other in their pockets isn’t something the public will accept. When the final decisions are made they are made by We the People and not the Washingtonians. When the final evaluation of Obama’s speech is made it will be made by We the People and not professional pundits.

Hear Obama and then you decide

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