New Changes in Washington

By: Elizabeth Marion

Throughout Barack Obama’s first year in office he has met strong opposition to almost all of his policies. And he has spent most of the past year ignoring and demonizing the opposition. Obama campaigned on brining change to Washington, but once he took office America just got more of the same. More spending, more bailouts, more stimulus packages, and more of the blame game. Despite the fact that he has continued doing many of the same things Bush did as president, Obama has still blamed his predecessor for most of his problems.

After the stunning Republican win of the late Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts many thought it would send a strong, clear message to the Obama administration, but that couldn’t be farther from the reality of what actually happened. The Obama administration has obviously not gotten the message. They believe that people are angry, but not at them. After all, that would be both hateful and unfair. The Obama administration has not denied that the American people are angry, but they have tried to explain that America is angry at everyone except them. President Obama has claimed that Scott Brown won because people are so angry at the former administration. Yes, Mr. President, Massachusetts voted for the Republican to get back at George Bush. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has claimed that the anger is towards the banks. If that were true Martha Coakley should have won. Coakley supported a tax on banks to gain back bailout money. Brown didn’t. And if it’s not George Bush or the banks everyone’s mad at what could it possibly be that has Americans so outraged?

While the Obama administration officials continue scratching their heads as they try to figure that one out they have recognized that America is angry and President Obama has promised to start listening to the same people he has been demonizing for the past year and to bring about change in Washington. He has promised change before and he has not delivered. That is why no one should be falling for the lie that Obama is going to bring change to Washington and stop pushing a socialist agenda. He may now have a genuine concern about his approval among conservatives and independents, but his main focus will continue to be that of the far left. Even if he does focus on creating jobs and improving the economy he will use the same failed strategies of pouring more money into government entities and claiming to have saved jobs. Even if he does freeze spending that will not make the deficit disappear or lower the debt. And even if he does change some of his policies in an attempt to be more bipartisan he has already fed too many lies and put downs to those he disagrees with to regain their trust so quickly. He has gone back on enough promises and told enough lies that a good enough number of Americans will realize that they have heard it all before.

The Massachusetts special election changed a lot. Nancy Pelosi is suddenly no longer in a rush to get health care reform done. Barack Obama is suddenly interested in listening to what the American people have to say, since he apparently did not hear a single word that was said at the town hall meetings or the tea parties. Most Americans trusted him to bring change we can believe in. Instead he polarized the nation, spent like crazy, and put down those who spoke out against him. Why should we believe that he will give us change now?

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