I, Barack

By: William P. Frasca

Barack, “The Chosen One” stood before his subjects, reading and announcing, from his sacred scroll, the anointed words of perpetual wisdom. Compared to the great Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, he self proclaimed himself as the United States leader above all leaders. His arrogance only surpasses his extended truths of misguided, misleading exuberant words, of falsehoods. This reverses any hope of an honest reality of relevant, significant social advancements of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Barack Hessian Obama, “The Chosen One” is definitely, without a doubt, the most ultimate, incontestable, Socialist Marxist Democratic ruler, of and in American history. Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter couldn’t hold a candle to this man’s inept, government controlling, freedom robbing warped Socialistic Marxist ideology. What’s really truthfully and unbelievably scary is that he actually believes in what he believes?

His self inhibited condescending words of communicating to the masses are considered law in his storybook Mother Goose world of self magnificence. His every whim, must be acknowledged, and worshipped no matter how minuet. His teleprompter diction of supreme guidance should be honored, respected, followed, and offered as a sacrifice of humiliating loyalty in swearing unquestionable allegiance to him. He is in his own words, and the words of all his Socialist Marxist Democratic kool-aide drinkers, infallible and above the law. Barack knows best.

This was my little way of sarcastically evaluating, analyzing, and criticizing the vocalization of President Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One’s” first State of the Union speech. His address to the people of the United States should have been called “I Barack”.

Unbelievably, he still blames all of America’s present day problems on George W. Bush, washing his hands of all the incompetent policies enacted during this past year of power, by his Administration. When will he or his Administration ever accept any accountability or responsibility of their actions?

He continues to blame the Republicans, for his own lack of establishing unity skills, by eliminating and alienating them from any and all policy making decisions and suggestions, further widening the stalemate.. Then he becomes angry at them, after he steps on their neck, making deals and adding amendment, behind closed doors, for not rolling over and playing dead to his illogical timetables and dead lines.

They finally showed a spark of courage and having a backbone, by standing united, rejecting any and all of his scandalous, corrupt freedom denying, Socialistic maneuvers of eliminating Capitalism, increasing financial taxpayer abuses, stimulus package, second stimulus package, healthcare, raising taxes, and crippling businesses. Can he finally be trusted with his so-called extended olive branch to them?

He blamed the Supreme Court, for performing their sworn duty, by coming to a fair and just interpretation and conclusion in ultimately reversing an unfair, unconstitutional campaign finance law. Their judgment didn’t meet with his approval, and he factually misrepresented the ruling. This decision must have hit a sour paranoid note, with his fearful evaluation of possibly being counter productive to all election bids associated with his Party members, and especially to his own re-election. Never imaging that any loss, could be affected, by his over zealous bungling. So he used this opportunity to undermine, insult and question their assessment.

He blamed the good citizens and taxpayers of this great Country, for having the lack of ability, comprehension and intellect to trust his decisions and guidance. Even though Mr. Obama deceivingly announced as one of his campaign promises for a transparent Government and Administration, in which he obviously did not deliver. The American people took their own initiative of transparency in action by seeing right threw his unorthodox Socialistic Marxist Democratic motives of trying to destroy our rights and quality of life. It’s either his way or the highway

Fortunately, the American people showed their strength and power, by voting to save our precious Country, from absolute power, flexing the muscles of liberty, erecting a stop sign and engaging an emergency brake, to his steamroller of forced compliance. We ducked and he missed us with his right, but we must continue to bop and weave, never forgetting he’s left handed.

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