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February 2, 2010

Make Christianity More Than A Hobby

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Too many of us just go through the motions without commitment.

Sunday’s sermon at the Cohocton Assembly of God Church was delivered by Elder Joel Martin. His principal text was from the Book of Matthew:

Understanding Political Phraseology

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Political discourse is perhaps the cleverest disinformation the public is subject to. Just when we think we’ve mastered the terminology it changes. What was yesterday isn’t today and won’t be tomorrow.

Here now…today …The DC Story… “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”

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By: Peary Perry

I hate to start off with an old cliché…but gag me with a spoon. The Obamathon speech last night made me wonder what would have happened if Adolph Hitler had been able to use a teleprompter. I …

The Super Bowl Kerfuffle

“If you don’t like it just turn off the TV!” goes the liberal mantra as all form of sexual perversion, obscenity and violence slinks unannounced into our living rooms. But when the message is perceived to undercut some carefully crafted …