What The Government Should be Doing

By: Craig Chamberlain

As a conservative I hold the view that the government that governs least, governs best. This is because government is usually made up of incompetents, cheats, thieves, sycophants, and hacks. When you have the bottom of the barrel running the show it’s best that they do as little as possible. After all would you let the kid in the dunce cap do your homework for you? The American people are finding out the cost of radical, activist government, and they are finding out they don’t like it so much after all. They are finding out that they were sold a bill of goods. They were promised bipartisan cooperation, economic responsibility, political civility, and a strong defense of America.

Instead the American people got the most partisan environment ever, the greatest deficits and debt in American history,(President Obama will spend and borrow almost as much money in his first three years as all the Presidents who have come before him, combined.), and the abandonment of America’s defense as the current administration considers terrorism a criminal justice matter. As far as Eric Holder is concerned there is no difference between Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and some punk that robs a 7-11. There is also the radical transformation of America. Candidate Obama never mentioned nationalized health care, cap and trade, the massive tax hikes he is set to impose, the creepy, fascistic cult of Obama that is being set up in America’s public schools, and the flooding of the Federal government with fanatic left wingers. But what can we expect when we elect a bunch of Maoists?

The American people have lost faith in the government, and rightly so. They are too busy turning America into a socialist nation to address any real problems that the country faces. That’s what the people want. If the idiots in Washington could actually tackle the legitimate problems America faces you wouldn’t see the anger, skepticism, cynicism. and disgust with our current political class. This is something conservatives need to remember. It’s not enough to win elections and fight the Democratic agenda, the conservatives need to attack the serious problems that the country faces. So while I’m in favor of limited government I am not against the government taking on problems that really need to be solved.

If the Republicans are lucky enough to win in 2010 and 2012, and end America’s experiment in Marxism, there are many things that they will have to do to keep themselves in power and put America back on the right path again.

First, cut spending. The American people are sick of the spending, sick of the earmarks, sick of the pork, sick of the debt that will cripple us for decades, and they want something done about it. A marginal spending freeze is not enough. It won’t even begin to address the situation. If we wanted to cut the debt we would cancel the stimulus, and scrap the plans for the “jobs bill” (which is really a second stimulus). That alone would cut the debt in half. The next step is to cut the budget. Typically politicians use the old budget numbers as a baseline. That means even if the Republicans take over they will probably start at 3.8 trillion and work from there. They need to cut back. There is no excuse that this country should spend even one trillion dollars on the federal government. The Republicans need to roll back spending, by offering a smaller budget, and one that cuts spending across the board(excepting defense). That will bring real fiscal responsibility.

Second, we need to strengthen the Dollar. The Dollar’s international value has been falling for years. While President Obama did inherit the weak dollar, he has done nothing to make it stronger. A stronger dollar, cuts back on inflation, and gives more purchasing power to the American consumer. A stronger dollar gives more value to your investments, savings and earnings. The American people have seen all of these lose value, because the Dollar has lost value. As it loses value prices go up, we have inflation, which acts as an invisible tax on us all. The Republicans need to promise to restore the value of the Dollar, and they can do this by learning the value of the Dollar themselves, by exercising fiscal restraint.

Third, the government needs to secure our border with Mexico. For right now, illegal immigration has been put on the back burner and most aren’t talking about it. The Bush administration signed a bill into law authorizing a fence along the border, though the Bush administration made no real moves to build it and the Obama administration has ignored it completely. Illegal immigration is a drain on our economy. Illegal immigrants take jobs from Americans, and contrary to mythology they are jobs Americans are willing to do. They put a strain on our hospitals, schools, and law enforcement. Then there is the instability along the border that threatens to spill over into the United States. The borders need to be secured, and can be, if the Government would actually put any effort into it.

Fourth, make the Bush tax cuts permanent. The tax cuts spurred economic growth, encouraged investment, helped lower unemployment, and strengthened the American economy. Tax cuts are always popular anyway(unless you live in Oregon) and it wouldn’t be to win election by promising tax cuts for all tax payers. By the time Obama is finished with the American people we’re going to need them. The Democrats are redefining what it means to be “rich” first it was 250,000, then it was 150,000 dollars, now they are defining anyone who makes 80,000 dollars or more as rich. Taxes are going to be the highest they’ve ever been, and they will impact the economy in a serious way. It will allow the free market to work and get government out of the way.

Fifth, take terrorism seriously. Keep Gitmo open, don’t give civilian trials to terrorist suspects, and use military means to combat them. It’s time we take Iran seriously, continually threatening sanctions, and then backing down isn’t going to tame the regime in Tehran. Their strategy seems to be to sit back and wait for the inevitable arrival of a nuclear Iran. We should impose sanctions on gasoline imports, and stand alongside the Iranian opposition that is legitimately fighting for freedom. The longer we leave Iran alone, the more danger America is in.

None of these suggestions are likely under this administration. But if the Republicans were to campaign on fixing these problems, they would coast to victory. And if they actually followed through, they would not only win more elections, they would put America back on track.

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