Of Liberty and Tyrants

By: Michael John McCrae

From the very beginning men had law. God spoke it and it was so. Some men obeyed; following a complex set of rules only established for their benefit. The rule and laws determined the correct and moral path for men seeking the best in their eternal home.

Other men believed they could make it easier for themselves were they to create their own gods and gather a following willing to bless them with all their possessions in exchange for a guaranteed position in an eternal paradise of some sort.

Those who held to the morality of God’s law protected the freedoms guaranteed to all men. This was eventually described as “liberty”. Those who claimed lordship for themselves simply enslaved groups of people and set armies about to conquer and enslave free men who failed to worship false gods and man-made ruler ship. This was tyranny.

There have always been tyrants and many could be named here. But the past is past. Free men have destroyed many of the past’s tyrants and brought liberty to many of the earth’s enslaved masses.

One might think that since the advent of written history man might read and learn from the mistakes of tyrants. But history is repetitious. Stupid or deliberately ignorant men insist on repeating the mistakes of the past. They continue to generate rules and laws, not based in the eternal moral law of God, but in their own, petty idealism. These men are neither moral nor godly. They are power-seeking tyrants who insist their way is the better way, even against all of history’s lessons.

America has a president who is basically a tyrant wannabe. As he reshapes America into a national identity of his personal design; he is stripping America of everything that history once considered unique.

There was true liberty in America once. Now governed by the tyrants, America is awash in senseless laws and rules that simply enslave. Very few laws enacted since World War I have increased personal freedom or liberty. Most law since the early 1900’s has been enacted to restrict the freedoms of common men and place common men under the relentless dominion of federal and state law.

Taxes are levied from every possible level of government. Free enterprise is restricted by EPA, IRS and a plethora of governmental agencies; each with their own set of regulatory redundancies.

Production is taxed from the moment a seed is planted until the fruit is purchased. There is an entire class of American citizen that produces nothing, yet gains money, prestige and power simply by enacting more laws that steal the assets of the producers and redistributes those assets to those who systematically vote them into power positions; thinking, in the end, they will benefit.

The entire system is convoluted.

To prevent America from becoming the next Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti or Zimbabwe, the tyrants must be ousted.

Oh, Americans pride themselves on their ability to vote. Yet when tyrants are continually voted into office culture and morality, liberty and freedom are injured. Look hard at Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and Zimbabwe. The tyrants have had their way for many years and have ruined areas that were once productive and thriving.

You might say: “Never in America!” and I would agree if congress wasn’t already filled to capacity with socialist liberals and communist sympathizers and traitors like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Schumer, Leahy, Conyers, Rangel, Dodd, Biden, Obama, and that old guy from Pennsylvania who was a democrat, liberal puke pretending to be a republican (whose name I cannot remember here, which is okay because traitors deserve to be forgotten). Too, we must not forget the media sycophants who lick the boots of those mentioned above.

John Adams wrote that the American Constitution was written to govern a moral and righteous society and was quite inadequate to govern the tyrannical. The current government knows this. That is why they assault the constitution every day; offering American judicial rights to terrorists, ignoring racial acts of aggression at polling stations, enacting laws forcing unconstitutional taxation to support and defend illegal aliens and the killing of innocent unborn Americans.

The voices of the Conservative right; especially those with roots in God’s moral law must fight against any act of tyranny displayed by the radical left.

Yes, expect to be shouted down. The left is largely led by faithless individuals. They are stuck in frivolous, man-made religions that care nothing for individual liberty and everything for selfish personal gains of power and money.

Protect the cultural roots of America. America was founded by godly men who trusted the True God of Heaven would bless their efforts to form a land of the free and a home for the brave: not a land smothered by the taxes and laws of tyrants!

They had already had enough of that!

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