Socialistic Democratic Unemployment Bungling

By: William P. Frasca

President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has announced and declared war on the increasing double digit unemployment problem, which has been compounded during his tenure as the Commander-In-Chief.

Did he finally wake up from his fantasy dream of a Socialist Marxist United States of America created in his image with interpreted ideology of his unsuccessful botched unstable deviant Communist heroes? Of course not! His high and mighty attitude concerning this crises projected that it was a small little glitch and setback to his Marxist itinerary, in which he can reinforce with his next proposed budget. His strong assuring choices of words are a clever rouge to lure the unsuspecting American public back into his mystical adoring admiration of regal worship. Remember a leopard cannot change its spots.

This is right in the middle of our Country suffering a record budget deficit at the end of his first Presidential year, with it progressively getting worse with an anticipated financial explosion, which will blow the lid off the budget at the end of his first term.

Is this or will it eventually going be another debacle in duplicate fashion, mirroring the same failed government handout and complete waste of money to solve our Nations unemployment problem that was established by then President Jimmy Carter, “The Clueless Submissive One” in the late 1970’s? This entitlement was called the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act better known as the (CETA) program.

He used taxpayers’ money to establish a useless temporary non-productive low grade employment positions, which served absolutely no credence or purpose in training these selected individuals for future permanent enhanced essentially respectable lifetime careers. This was a rapid futile fix to the unemployment problem, which only placed a band aid to a patient needing major surgery. He also had the rob Peter to pay Paul idiocy syndrome, which was an exorbitant rise in taxes.

This of course, as every federal government related or operated program had its scandals and superior forms of corruption and thievery. This job creation bill was decentralized, which gave complete control and distribution powers of all employment opportunities to each State, City and County governments. This left undocumented, untraceable accounts of most financial transactions, including a clueless explanation and information of all those who were hired. This included fraudulent record keeping and no show jobs, which were used as illegal patronage to political local hacks.

CETA, was suppose to be Jimmy Carter’s, New Deal, but unlike his Socialist Marxist Democratic predecessor, progressive Franklin D. Roosevelt who produced the Works Progress Administration or The Works Projects Administration (WPA) during the Great Depression, left no lasting monuments, buildings or great social achievements, to justify its expensive established existence. This program was horribly and disgracefully identified as a disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable outrage and humiliation.

Conservative President Ronald Reagan corrected double digit inflation, high unemployment, loan rates that skyrocketed, a United States currency that was worthless, by reducing taxes, for everyone, and removing the shackles of the free expertise system initiated by the Jimmy Carter’s progressive Administration. Talking about inheriting a financial catastrophe and sick economy, Ronald Reagan overcame all these adverse Socialist Marxist Democratic conditions by using Capitalism.

Now Obama and his merry cohorts of Socialistic entities are sticking their noses where they don’t belong. They don’t belong regulating and dictating to private companies and small corporations with their anti business mentality. These entrepreneurs, if left alone will always out shine any government intervention, in creating new jobs, with new products and technology because history and self motivation has proven this to a truthful fact.

The government, especially the Obama Administration has no real clear cut successful track record in establishing any pertinent triumphant policies or priorities. Everything they attempted to do seems to turn into coal, with ineffectual results. Could it possibly be the fault and hopeless attempts of a dysfunctional outlook by these selected inept policy makers? The stimulus package was and still is a reprehensible failure. Bridges going to no where, pork, useless impractical infrastructures, unnecessary over inflated repairs and developments, corruption and thievery and fraud were enhanced by this high priced incentive.

Cash for clunkers was an exorbitant expensive entitlement to entice new car sales, costing us plenty. Socialist programs of this caliber are not only draining and inflating the budget, but also placing a stressful weighted existence to each and every American family, who are struggle for their survival. This spending will be a continued monetary albatross to future generations.

This past year, the Obama Administration lied, cheated by forcefully manipulating and obstructing our precious Constitutional freedoms and unmatched world renowned Yankee Ingenuity. Socialism is worse than a flesh eating fungus, because it breaks the will and spirit of a society to achieve their highest capable unlimited potential.

They closed their eyes to the unemployment problem, this past year, by offering extensions with additional government dependence, with no permanent solutions. Unfortunately they were so naïve, because the answer was right in front of their faces.

Capitalism if left alone will always work. It does not need any negative control from incompetent bureaucrats. The free enterprise system will excel, as long as if it is not burdened with high taxes, and illogical forced strangle hold regulations to stymie their expansion and growth.

Unfortunately this new budget which is being introduced by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” is a total abomination. There are no free lunches, and with an Administration who loves to spend the taxpayer’s hard earned money, there is absolutely no logical reasoning with them.

The final solution and analysis will be the same old philosophy which was religiously followed for years and traditionally acknowledged by this Socialist Marxist Democratic Administration. This is recognized, as unfair, immorally unjust redistribution of wealth, unconscionable punishment of the wealthy; together with the self made individual. They will increase anti-business philosophies, expanding government, reducing productivity, rewarding the blood sucking non-contributors and for the rest of us we can expect a wide range of multiple tax increases.

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