Big “O” and Joe Attend a Ballgame

By: Michael John McCrae

Last week I caught a bit of ESPN during lunchtime. I saw some college basketball highlights featuring one of the games pointed at the final four or some such. But I really didn’t know for sure because that particular game was attended by Big “O” and his sidekick Joe.

I have no idea which teams were playing because the highlights were all centered on the reactions of Big “O” and Joe. Who won that particular contest? I have no clue.

But it was good to see Big “O” and Joe can set aside a couple of hours from destroying the American economy and culture to dedicate themselves to having an entire stadium of American citizens frisked and watched by the Secret Service.

Big “O” is a basketball nut. That’s fine. Every president needs a pastime. It must be difficult, living in that big White House with all those reminders of the founders who painstakingly penned the freedoms enumerated in the American Constitution.

To knowingly work out an assault against the intentions of the nation’s framers must also be a daunting task; requiring an occasional respite. Joe too. His “gaff” consciousness must certainly need the cooling effect of cheering crowds; even when those crowds aren’t necessarily cheering for him.

I imagine the teleprompter was extremely content to have a day off. After scrolling an unimpressively boring and repetitive State of the Union speech; promising more sacrifice, more taxes, more personal intrusion by government and less individual freedom, friend teleprompter must have been pooped indeed!

Now don’t get me wrong. I will never begrudge the Big “O” his basketball, golf, bowling, speechifying or lightening fast ways with the untruth. I just wonder when he and Joe are going to get down to actual leadership.

The way both of them speak in public, America is the most dreadful place: filled with poverty, ignorance and class envy that could put Hugo Chavez closer to 5th place on the all time tyrant parade. Now, such attitudes place Big “O” and Joe in that 1st place spot, but that’s where they believe they should reside I suppose.

According to the Big “O” and Joe, America is some rotten country that refuses to share the wealth of those who have earned wealth with poor people who refuse to get a job. America is a terrible land of injustice; refusing judicial rights to enemy terrorists and amnesty and freebies to people who have willfully broken every possible American law concerning immigration.

America is unfair; locking up career criminal murderers for a life of three hot meals and a bunk with free education and cigarettes without any taxation, while those they’ve killed are forced by law to surrender their estates, not to their heirs, but to the government’s largess. The heirs meanwhile are eliminated from the next generations by government sponsored abortion.

How strange is that?

Yet Big “O” and Joe, I’m sure, are doing their level best to keep their extreme leftist minions from crying in their beer. They are all drooling over the prospect of another far left nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States. The American left needs to jam every court with judges amenable to the willful bending of American Constitutional law. They need the Constitution to become a worthless document; replacing it with liberal forms of government regulation that strip actual right from the population.

Then there are the news reports of Big “O” in a question/answer session with the GOP. Did one questioner ask about the birth certificate, the college transcripts, the kindergarten records, the passport records or any of the other records that might prove the Big “O” is actually a legal American citizen? Well, I thought not.

And somewhere amid all the new lies and rhetoric there was a mention of a three year spending freeze. Well, that mention is about 30 years too late for future generations. Should congress consider a concurrent three year freeze in taxes that might mean something? But the plan all along with the health care debacle was to raise taxes for three years then implement the plan in the fourth year after American taxpayers had been raped to their socks!

So that’s nothing new.

Face it America. The only things democrats do with any consistency is lie, break promises and raise taxes. Look at Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, California and Michigan as your current microcosms.

Democrats also know how to fail. Check Louisiana at the time of Katrina with its democrat mayor, governor and senior senator for details. You might also study the political history of the democrats in that state for the 40 years preceding Katrina!

America got the “change’ it voted for. Jimmy Carter’s “misery index” never looked so good. The Big “O” and Joe are like a couple of deer in the headlights; frozen, waiting for the big splat!

That, I believe, can’t come quick enough.

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