Health Care Reform, A Wasted Opportunity

By: Ken Hughes

When Democrats took control of the Oval office, the House of Representatives and the Senate January 3rd 2009 they held an enthusiastic nation in the palm of their hand. President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi promised throughout the campaign theirs would be an open honest administration like no other in history, which certainly hasn’t been the case. Obama promised he wouldn’t sign any bill that hadn’t been on shown c-span and posted on the internet for the public to read and understand. That promise never got off the ground, Pelosi and Read promised all of congress both Democrats and Republicans would have a say in all legislation passed. That never happened not only were Republicans shut out they were never allowed in. But the worst thing this new administration and new congress did was to shut out the American people and treat them like they were stupid for asking questions.

The first three months congress passed legislation like a tornado going through West Texas. I took six months for the Republican minority to realize they weren’t going to be any part of the process. President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s prime project was redefining the health care system. This is something that’s been popular with the public for years. If it had been about health care alone and had they allowed open debate most likely they could have come up with something the public would accept. Instead they took the debate behind closed doors with no input from the minority or the public and held secret meeting. They loaded these health care bills down with every social reform they could think of. There was enough pork in those bills to feed the nation indefinitely. Neither the minority nor the majority ever had the opportunity to read the bills before they came to the floor for a vote. Even then many f the votes had to be coerced and paid for.

The 111th Congress has violated every rule that’s ever been passed pertaining to the misconduct of their respective bodies. They loaded the health care bill with so many other things the wheels finally came off and the bus stalled. The real tragedy is the finger pointing that’s gone on since the health care legislation began to tumble. The leadership has resorted to blaming everyone including the minority, the public, George Bush, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement and yes even some of their own people. There’s enough finger waving going on to make the Democratic leadership look like they were at a gang infested crack-heads convention.

Health care reform is still very much on the table and the public’s willing to support reasonable adjustments. What they aren’t willing to do is destroy what they have for something they don’t understand. When Democrats won the majority in both houses of congress and the presidency they became intoxicated with power. Like all drunks Reid and Pelosi didn’t understand a glass of wine with dinner isn’t a bad thing to consume a whole barrel before dinner is a bad idea. The health care bill submitted to congress was to put it mildly a disaster from the out set, it was the blueprint for a redistribution of wealth. There is nothing wrong with health care in America, there’s a lot wrong with the way it’s administered due to government regulations. To reform health care first government regulations must be reformed. These bills had very little to do with the reform of the health care system and a lot to do with a group of liberal dictators taking over the government.

Liberals are quick to point out the failure of health care legislation was directly connected to Talk Radio, Conservative Cable Pundits and the Tea Party movement, they didn’t add a disenchanted public except by innuendo. They totally ignore the support it got from NPR, PBS, The NBC group, CNN, ABC and CBS not to mention half of the print media still in existence. There can be no question the support and the descent for these bills were split evenly, the advantage the dissenters had was the public was on their side. It was bad legislation and the public wanted no part of it. January 3rd 2011 we start over with a new congress, hopefully a more reasonable group who will listen to the pulse of the nation before rushing to placate a president who didn’t understand its all about…”We The People”

Glenn Beck Americas newest antagonist has a phrase for those in congress who defy the will of the people. He calls them the LCT crowd, Liars, Cheats and Thieves. Mr. Beck has become the latest target of the liberal media. They would like to shut him down but to do so would jeopardize their own first amendment rights. Mr. Beck knows where the rock ends and the hard place begins and that’s where he’s positioning himself, in the safe center zone. The left is quick to complain they don’t have time for bloviating like conservatives do. Their claim is conservative’s hog all the air time, that’s just not true, the left has as many pundits standing by them as the right has. The thing the left doesn’t have is a monopoly on the nation’s number one news outlet, Fox, Fox Cable News, Fox Business News, New Corp print and Fox Radio. Fox is where truth is paramount. Liberals are quick to point out Fox is biased and it really isn’t news. What the left leaning cry babies don’t get is truth to them is always biased if they can’t lie what the hell is the good of speaking, their truth has never gotten them anywhere.

Democratic congress persons in their zeal to totally conquer America’s political system followed a relatively young inexperienced man from the Sand Box to the Oval Office with very few stops in between. Obama grew up in a clouded environment never knowing his father and seldom seeing his mother. By his own admission his grandparents weren’t enthralled with raising a half black grandchild. When your faced with these circumstances on a daily bases there are only two ways to go, one is down to the gutter and the other is up to achieve acceptance, to his credit Obama chose the road up. The problem with over achievers like Obama they often reach further than their arms allow. America wasn’t ready for Obamanomics, we are not now nor have we ever been a welfare society. The few among us who subscribe to the welfare state as the example to follow are an anomaly.

This to will pass, with forethought and due diligence America can once again return to constitutional law as an example for the president and congress to follow and remember every vote counted counts


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