November can’t Get Here Soon Enough

By: Craig Chamberlain

Unless there is divine intervention, or ACORN gets out to stuff the ballot boxes, all polls are showing that the GOP will make pretty significant gains in the November elections. The Democrats terribly overplayed their hand when they won the elections of 2006 and 2008. They had absolute power, and absolute power made them stupid. The same thing happened to the GOP, but what is remarkable is that it took the GOP 12 years to get thrown out of power by the voters, and the Democrats look like they’re going to be sent packing in just four years.

The record, crippling, deficits, the apology tours, the attempts to nationalize health care and the energy industry, giving miranda rights and civilian trials to terrorists, the massive tax hikes that will be imposed to pay for Obama’s social democracy, and the insufferable arrogance, and the flagrant corruption(think of the Louisiana purchase, and the cornhusker kickback) have all turned the public against the Democrats and the Republicans now lead in the polls. President Obama’s approval ratings have fallen to the earth faster than a skydiver with a bad parachute. It took President Bush a couple of years to become the second coming of Warren G. Harding, within two years we now know that President Obama isn’t the second coming of FDR, this is the second Jimmy Carter administration.

The Republicans look to make gains in Delaware, North Dakota, Colorado, Arkansas, Nevada(where it looks like Senator Reid will lose to any republican nominee that isn’t dead or in jail) it also looks like Pennsylvania, Illinois, and maybe even Connecticut, could be Republican gains. Even Barbara Boxer shows signs of vulnerability, though she still has a small lead in the polls. By November the Republicans will close the gap to strengthen the filibuster, and there is even the possibility that the Senate could change hands.

While Republicans should be optimistic, we might not end up being turned into a socialist country after all, despite the best efforts of the administration, it would be stupid to assume that the battle is already won. It is not in President Obama’s nature to moderate, negotiate, or slow down. Now that he finally realizes that the public is against his agenda, he has become more determined than ever to get his agenda passed into law. He’s like a driver going down a road, who sees a sign reading “bridge out” most drivers would hit the brakes and turn around, some foolhardy souls would hit the gas and try to jump it. Obama is trying to make the jump.

He might do it if the Republicans don’t keep up the attack. Currently President Obama is offering the illusion of bipartisan behavior by pretending that he is willing to listen to Republican ideas on health care. We all know how this is going to play out. He’s going to pretend to listen, dismiss any suggestions out of hand, claim that at least he tried, and then try to pick off Olympia Snowe and pass the current bill without any changes to it.

President Obama’s policies have been a complete failure. Whether it’s nationalized health care, caving to the Russians over missile defense, the stimulus, or terrorism, it’s all fallen short. But for President Obama it’s try, try again. If the country makes it to November without being turned completely on its head, it will be a certified miracle. Things look exponentially better now, with the GOP win in Massachusetts, but the GOP position is still precarious.

The American people have made their views known. The problem is that the Democrats are so out of touch, that they don’t care what the American people think. Their arrogance is so out of control that they think of the people as ignorant peasants who need to be controlled by Washington for their own good. The left talks about abolishing the filibuster, using reconciliation, using any means necessary to pass their agenda. This is the closest they have ever been to work their will on the American people. The fact that a minority party has the right to slow them down, or stop them entirely, makes them crazy. The more they are frustrated, the more frantic, and more dangerous they will become.

The Republicans need to keep the pressure up. The win in Massachusetts was important, it secured a filibuster, even if it’s only a one man margin of error. President Obama will not give up, and will try to pass his agenda no matter what the people say. The Democrats and the mainstream media have, so far, been unsuccessful in lying to the people and getting them on their side. If the Republicans don’t keep the truth campaign out, that will change. And they won’t be doing themselves any favors by falling for President Obama’s false pretense of bipartisanship.

The situation is still dangerous, and until the Democrats suffer a serious defeat they will keep trying. The November elections can’t get here soon enough.

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