Democrats Gone Wild

By: Craig Chamberlain

It’s funny what an election will do. When the Democrats were the minority party, they filibustered constantly, reminding everyone that it was the right of the minority to block legislation they don’t like. After all filibustering had been part of the Senate’s history, and was an essential tool to stop the right wing republican agenda. And, they would piously intone, dissent was the highest form of patriotism(they would attribute that quote to Thomas Jefferson, when it really came from the late Stalinist, Howard Zinn) Now, the filibuster is an unfair delaying tactic, an fascistic tool that stops progress. And dissent, once the greatest expression of patriotism, is now just an inch short of high treason. Is it hypocritical? Yes, but it shouldn’t be unexpected. It’s the nature of American politics. Minority parties complain about the power of the Presidency, want more power to Congress, and insist that the federal government is going too far. When the shoe is on the other foot, all of those objections mysteriously disappear.

It has long been a belief of mine, that the Democrats, despite their name, don’t much care for democracy. Oh, they pay it lip service when they are on the campaign trail, and when they are in the minority(God willing, they will find themselves in that position this November) but when they are in the majority, or worse yet, the supermajority they have nothing but the most withering contempt for democracy.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at everything that they are attempting to do. Now, that the Republicans have enough Senate seats to maintain a filibuster, the Democrats want to eliminate it. After all what’s the point of controlling the Senate if you can’t impose your will without opposition. One can’t look at the Democrats and not be reminded of the sore loser in the neighborhood. We all grew up with one, the one who would try to change the rules in the middle of the game, when they were losing, and when no one would let them, they would take their ball and go home. The Democrats are like that.

When the country has made it loud and clear that they do not want the Democrat’s health care plan, even going so far as to elect a Republican in Massachusetts to block it. So what’s the Democrats game plan from here? Well, first it’s to insist that the problem is that the American people are a bunch of uneducated hicks, who just haven’t heard enough of the greatness that is President Obama. The second part is to change the rules in the middle of the game, abolish the filibuster and pass the bill the way it is.

That brings us to another point. If the minority party has no power in the Senate there’s no point in having a Senate at all. It was designed to slow things down, to block bad legislation from the house, or modify legislation. If the Senate just becomes a smaller version of the house, where simple majority wins the day, the Senate may as well be abolished. Which is just what the left wants.

Now that it is becoming clearer that the Democrats will lose their supermajority in Congress, some on the left are arguing that the Senate should be abolished so that it can’t block the house. Never mind that the constitution says that Congress has to be made up of a house and a Senate, if something stands in the path of our dear leader then we have to get rid of it. If the Republicans are about to take over, abolish it. If they can’t abolish it they’ll change it so much as to render it irrelevant.

Their contempt for congress, our election process, the voice of the people, their entire agenda is nothing but scorching disdain for democracy. Whether it’s creating a health care system to be run by the government, cap and trade, card check, massive new taxes, or running up the debt, the Democrats have shown that they want things their way, and to hell with all the little people. If they can’t get what they want they will change the system until no one can stop them.

Today they are talking about reconciliation and ending the filibuster, tomorrow it will be getting rid of the Senate, and when they lose both houses of Congress I guarantee you that someone on the left will argue that we don’t need a Congress at all. Just like college girls on spring break who will do anything to get on camera, the Democrats will do anything(and they mean anything) to get what they want. If that means changing the rules in the middle of the game, running around the constitution, and making sure that no one can oppose them, that’s what they will do.

It’s truly a case of Democrats gone wild.

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