The Real Meaning of Bipartisan

By: Ken Hughes

When all else fails politicians can revert back to bipartisan rhetoric and hope it works. Democrats took control of both houses of congress in January 2009. At the time there didn’t seem to be a need for bipartisanship, Republicans were cut out of nearly all legislation making as an unnecessary evil. Not only were Republican congress men and women ignored as though they didn’t exist the public was also ignored. Government of the people, by the people and for the people didn’t seem to matter to this new super majority of Democrats ruling congress. The public generally doesn’t get involved in the day to day operations of government until and unless things go wrong, things have certainly gone wrong throughout 2009. The peoples government has become the politicians nightmare, what may have been intended as an attempt to improve society has turned out to be its destruction or very near to it. This new liberalism doesn’t fit in the average American beliefs most Americans detest being perfect over just being happy.

There are far too many people involved in social engineering who’ve never been on the needy end of social injustice, in fact they have no personal experiences of what the real needs of the under employed, under educated and unacceptable are. These social engineers for the greater good are actually among some of our most privileged politicians and citizens. In a country supposedly free of class identification there’s only one group between the impoverished and the elitists and that’s We the Middle Class Why should America be turned upside down to placate a minority of its citizens? At best this can only be attributed to buying votes since there’s nothing worthwhile in destroying the country’s economy to satisfy a few non-producers.

The people made their objections known by breaking up the super majority the senate had for a year. Now that Democrats no longer hold congress hostage the president is coming forward asking for a more bipartisan approach to creating legislation. On its face that sounds like a noble gesture by the president. It sounds like the school yard bully who just had his butt kicked, “I lost so let’s all be buddies and get along”. Honesty is still a factor in dealing with the Whitehouse and a Democratic Congress, How can Republicans and the public trust them when they’ve lied about so many things so many times? Team Obama doesn’t have a very good record for telling the truth or for keeping promises.

Considering the mentality of politicians be they Republican or Democrat they are likely to put party politics ahead of public interests. The public in general would like to see a health care bill that deals with only health care and not hundreds of ear marks for pet projects tucked away somewhere in the bowels of the bill nor for special interests no matter how good they are. Any summit on health care shouldn’t be among politicians only they should be open to Doctors, Hospital Administrators, Insurance Executives, Actuaries, Patient Advocates and State Governors. All negations should be available to the public for their approval. These proposed meeting shouldn’t be a one afternoon affair. Health Care reform is too important to become a memorial for the late Teddy Kennedy or the foundation for Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to build a legacy on.

Bipartisan is an oxymoron, [something that doesn’t mean what your supposed to think it means] It’s what losers fall back on to regroup and forge ahead again in another direction to achieve their original goal. Liberal Democrats as opposed to Main Stream Democrats are tone deft to the public’s opposition to their recent actions. It‘s almost as if they don’t understand no one ask them to change America, Politicians have always run for office promising to correct the things they perceive as being wrong in the country. The public accepts these promises knowing they’ll most likely never be fulfilled. That didn’t happen in 2009, the country went through a year of unprecedented legislation most of it not for the betterment of the people. There are people who believe and justifiably so The Obama administration and the congress want to destroy the free market society America’s been based on since the early 1600s and turn it into a mostly socialist society even as it’s being proven around the world none of the Ism’s work.

This new improved America Obama and his Democratic colleges planned for this country was laid out in detail during the 2008 campaign. Granted they were sugar coated and made to seem palatable for the most part. Political campaigns are built on things candidates can get the public to love to hate. This isn’t an American phenomenon it happens everywhere man is free to argue politics. In the end it’s all talk and governments go on as usual, that is until the 111th congress and the Obama administration took serious years of politicking and decided to do things their way. 2009 has been the year all the old failed progressive programs were hauled out dusted off and given new life.

This Tea Party movement is exactly what the original tea party movement of 1773 was about. “Government get off our backs” It’s not just about excessive tax’s it’s also about denying personal freedoms. Americans are a proud people, they’re extremely proud they’re the oldest continual democracy on earth. Sometimes it takes an out of control administration and congress to wake the sleeping giant, but when they do they know the giant has been awakened. The elections of 2010 are going to be a wakeup call for not only Democrats but Republicans as well. Those politicians who’ve been elected time after time are the ones responsible for the condition the country finds its self in today. That’s something that will most likely be corrected in November.

It’s time we the people reclaimed our government, it’s time we stood up against those who want to redistribute the wealth and make all persons equal, without making them equally responsible. Success always comes with a price.


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